'GMA's' Ginger Zee on Banana Pudding Engagement

Weekend meteorologist talks about how her fiance proposed to her in Lincoln Center.
3:00 | 08/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA's' Ginger Zee on Banana Pudding Engagement
Ginger -- Off the market everybody. Accent you're walking by Lincoln square the center the -- -- and what I didn't get it tells me to meet in the act behind all and because of his friend was in town but this is all made up apparently -- to meet her and this is going to be great. And then I -- -- it's 230 in the afternoon. Where he's coming -- -- -- -- Yes -- that makes -- and again he loves banana pudding and our first date we had banana pudding at the Lincoln Center fountain but I wouldn't have put -- together because we banana -- often has made it then it's WNBC reporter. The enemy yes sort of you know so. So the first day you. He did he ask -- -- to -- would -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- put -- we had a meal -- and then -- extending you know how that goes well you start. -- how -- like these satellite Pattinson and everybody in the spot. Optimism that happened snow here -- San Jose and he is he had a little. Time over with my kids needing gingerbread house is with them and he is like one of the nicest guys he -- Downey plays insists he's going to be. Great dad went daily I mean you can really tell he's got if you guys wanted to do it you've got -- that summer when are we meeting you haven't yet. Yeah. It got him and I cannot storm chase. And ethnicity nuts since that's such piracy -- no wedding during hurricane season crack there is no season. They're really breaks for -- but I'll try -- newly -- you have. Did you have an inkling. I eloquently did he do something -- something out of the ordinary that we've given away now I mean yesterday. No way to thirty in the afternoon -- have -- workout clothes on -- it worked out that was. Was he wasn't nervous at all he didn't -- as he does it hasn't TV thing I think he can put that behind him really is leaves -- he can you know I'm gonna ask. I hope so. -- -- let's talk about an -- That's another thing I thought we talked about how about getting married that today it like kind of far elated but not like fled when we getting gauge what would you like he would never say anything and everything you talk -- your parents what he's dead and this is great most of my -- look ahead on my -- -- talk about wanting grandchildren my mom thought he had. -- -- -- -- And then it his dad that wave my dad if he called her permission or whatever that an old school of my dad doesn't -- it sounds good. Yeah. Traci marks in the control room. -- -- Oh wow look at that the puritan Bennett an event that I everything and they said just go over there and stand and where we're thinking of a funny face to make each other that's -- -- serious pictures we have CN NS and amp. He looks Hamilton's hands you have -- -- -- I feel like we're intruding. -- She what do you think I'm -- -- of Virginia -- that it is victory diet makes her so happy so we're really happy feet and I didn't say -- -- -- -- let everybody know that much yeah. Yeah.

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{"id":20035479,"title":"'GMA's' Ginger Zee on Banana Pudding Engagement","duration":"3:00","description":"Weekend meteorologist talks about how her fiance proposed to her in Lincoln Center.","url":"/GMA/video/gmas-ginger-zee-banana-pudding-engagement-20035479","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}