Goalie Tim Howard on Ghana Win, How Team USA Can Beat Portugal

Tim Howard explains how it feels to finally beat Ghana after losses in previous two World Cups.
3:21 | 06/18/14

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Transcript for Goalie Tim Howard on Ghana Win, How Team USA Can Beat Portugal
? Now to the world cup and one of the heroes of team usa's big victory over Ghana. Goalie Tim Howard. He is one of the leaders on the team. We spoke to him exclusively earlier this morning from Brazil. Tim, it's always good to spend a little time with you. I know beforehand you and the others didn't want to talk about the fact that the team had been knocked out by Ghana in the previous two world cups, but now, the feeling of having that match behind you, Tim. Yeah, redemption, you know, it always plays in the back of your mind as an athlete any time you have a loss on your record to a certain team, so we wanted to put that right and the other night we played fantastic. And have you taken a moment. I know you have to focus but have you at least taken a moment or two to celebrate the win as a team? We tried to. We don't have much time to celebrate. But certainly that evening and, you know, on the plane home it was pretty joyous, but then it's back to business right away because we have a tough game on Sunday. Yeah, that tough game is against Portugal. Explain that matchup for us. Well, they've got the world's best player. They're a top european team, so we're going to have a lot to worry about but hopefully we'll give them some problems and give them something to think about. Will you guys be at full strength? A lot wanted to know about jozy and Clint. How are they doing. My fingers are crossed and mri scans have been taken. Injuries are a part of the team. We can cope. We have guys to step up and clearly showed that the other night, so we feel confident in that. Yeah, when the sub like John brooks, when you got him as a sub coming in, I think you're going to be just fine. What is your message to all of us back here just screaming our heads off, I believe that we will win, I believe that we will win. Do you feel that spirit, Tim? We feel it. Our phones were blowing up with text messages and phone calls after the game and images from back home and videos, it was incredible. We see the passion and the love and world cup fever is definitely upon us and it's a pretty cool thing. You sound a little hoarse there. Are you feeling okay? Have you been -- I know you're a big cheerleader out on the field too with the team. That's always what happens. A couple days after the game I'm hoarse because I spend 90 minutes just yelling at guys so -- Well, they listen to you and, again, congratulation, I know at 35 you affectionately call yourself the old man on the team but, man, you are got it. You are not old by any stretch of the imagination. You look like a young kid there in goal. Thank you, Tim. Thank you. All right. Take care. Give our best to all. Thank you very much. All righty. He doesn't look 35. Doesn't act 35. When he's out there. No 35-year-old is old. I know. Agreed. We want to take a look at this vine showing how Twitter exploded in the U.S. Before and after John brooks' game-winning goal for team usa. Look at that. That is incredible. Oh, that's awesome. I mean, we are watching. They take on Portugal Sunday. 5:30 eastern on ESPN. ESPN has a triple header on tap starting at 11:30.

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{"id":24190048,"title":"Goalie Tim Howard on Ghana Win, How Team USA Can Beat Portugal","duration":"3:21","description":"Tim Howard explains how it feels to finally beat Ghana after losses in previous two World Cups.","section":"GMA","mediaType":"US ONLY 08"}