Good Afternoon America 8/7: Quick Fashion Fixes for Those 'Blah' Moments

Elton John vs. Madonna; Jennie Garth on Divorce, Single Motherhood
3:00 | 08/07/12

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Transcript for Good Afternoon America 8/7: Quick Fashion Fixes for Those 'Blah' Moments
Good afternoon America. Superstar smack down. John last Madonna live rocket man says the material girl season nightmares and her career is over. Now new. They go -- -- magic that's fashion. Like to see to believe that'll help you mark which got. Can feel what you. The little girls and lives there Cindy Crawford just for -- You all from wearing make -- he. Jenny died as we just talk about -- days on 9021. New life as a single -- Why one of the bad boys from a Beverly Hills packed. Could be her lifelong. Spencer. Okay. Today like yeah. Everybody -- -- -- You see why don't Lara -- so glad you're with us today. And -- I don't know just heard of them Marvin Hamlisch has passed away in Los Angeles age. 68. So much joy he brought so many songs he -- I am so upset I mean can we just talk about the -- -- war. -- man and reuse. Like the -- up my mind. And a chorus -- -- you -- why didn't come I don't. He's the -- is in America. -- -- -- -- I've met him he's just brilliant. Two wonderful things out and he won he's one of the the Grammy Oscar and Tony very few people have done that and he wrote the very first music. For Good Morning America yeah. Iraq he also won a Pulitzer Prize can mean it's really it's -- mark -- -- perfect attendance and in kindergarten -- The loss well thought through this last big loss. We have -- wounded the interwebs let's all just ease into white OK Shelley take a look even -- the afternoon yeah. -- -- -- This brings out its plan for. Here. Shares and mirrors -- just -- cruel. Anything the especially here being -- up that's terrific friend phoned bomb we have a lot of news to get to so shall -- first. Or how well you actually -- seriously according to a new survey a third of all new parents actually do because they're afraid of looking like bad parents. I don't know if this survey by the web site net moms is scientific or not but as a parent. It does ring true suggesting that experts are putting too much pressure on new parents by claiming -- should sleep for the night when only. About well quarter of them actually do by the time they're twelve weeks -- almost half. Of the families reported -- suffered from sleep deprivation nearly a third saying the lack of sleep leaves them exhausted. And to this I say. Feel -- war. -- -- Can lie all you want about whether or not your child is slack they're gonna let everybody know and I haven't yes I will say this no no -- Serena. Is this match for economic and now currently. At 1 o'clock coming up mid -- down -- one to 31 to 31 to three don't interact like. Now -- show enough. -- let us so you have that also get this. I didn't stop because I was topless that in fact the plan. It's exactly what you thought it's the claim of this woman right here a woman in Florida she now in an orange they get jail there. God let. On a wild card chase is their car -- -- is a wild police say that maybe Ramsey -- 35 year old. Was speeding when a patrol car tried to -- -- over she kept going ran a stop sign hit a tree. Cops actually had to use a helicopter to find the truck parked behind a mobile home with its past -- -- near broken and that's when she'd been admitted to deputies that she didn't stop. Because she was driving off course while. Wanted to surprise that the bearded fellow in these pictures apparently her boyfriend deputies say that if she just pulled over she probably only had a speeding ticket and a misdemeanor. Indecent exposure -- Because she didn't she now faces felony charges she was released on 5000 dollars bond -- do we cut her some slack I mean seriously we Henderson's. -- We're not. Oh you are -- Spencer you are a man called. Are she literally driving jobless -- -- some -- used to -- everybody. FEMA Michael Phelps. The -- -- Olympic poster boy really your record breaking 22 medals -- you think he had a nickname like. Flipper or -- -- -- something of chronic. It's now been revealed that -- goes by the name banner. Maybe because he gives -- bear hugs to this mystery lady. She is been spotted out in the feeling of extremism that Iran -- we hear she's his girlfriend she treated him for his last race. Good luck tonight -- Get more to say nicely did you. Did you doubt at all. -- -- -- -- -- so congratulations there. And other top news. She's -- news that she's just to goma once the body showing there is no doubt me. This is one confident -- especially when it comes to being in the public -- under constant scrutiny she tells the new Harper's bazaar. Plus that someone would say something untrue bad about me. Doesn't mean it's like water off -- ducks back -- anything that's a terrific lesson when we could all learn from. -- -- -- talks candidly about her marriage and that she wears make up almost all the time not for paparazzi. The -- likely she loves -- because. But that's always been god loves to dress up and my husband likes -- when I -- it. And ten years later something's working mum and dad she's in she's way to get around yeah -- For bush yeah -- and when she was just on Good Morning America behind the scenes she. Talks about M and I's like yeah it's really really -- Also in top newsroom. -- your pictures of Daniel Day-Lewis surfacing in fact we -- them on Good Morning America he's eating lunch in a restaurant. In full costume as Abraham Lincoln we weren't so impressed by -- -- his likeness for his upcoming portrayal of the sixteenth president will now. Check this out is the first official photo on the list an -- game. For the upcoming movie Lincoln proving that the Oscar winner is truly one of the few actors second -- -- truly morph into anyone don't know November. The huge cast and directed by Spielberg beautician anticipation mounting please remember this is the -- men who uttered one of the most famous. And romantic lines in movie history in last in the mohicans that's just -- Sally. -- -- -- -- He's glad he's like -- my left foot I'm telling me how he disappears. How good -- Plus I -- that makes you legalize run. -- was so good she. And that is -- Still to come here quick fashion invades his do when you battle Cindy Crawford. Saying that her eleven year old -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm Josh. I'm Lara Spencer -- tackling yet another controversial subject today. This time -- -- not eleven years old is it too young to Wear make up the reason we're going to. Telling her eleven year old daughter Kai that she's not allowed to Wear make -- she caught a lot of heat for letting her daughter model and looking. Very. Very old for her age -- so it got us thinking how young is too young for cosmetic. Stats that -- that's too -- just -- gender lines of beauty products actually geared towards betweens pixie make up. Those products such as the pixie -- ferry faced -- to the Tinker Bell sets. And then. Goes Serena no none of this is coming -- -- will adopt beauty products -- by twelve year old mini mogul will -- were very impressed. But she certainly does know her clientele. Yeah I've got denied it was -- Bonnie down and got -- I'm -- -- yet to -- favorite experts to figure out what. It is the right time to bust out the lip gloss for your little one she is the star -- VH one's why am I still single. And he is such a funny comedian and author of the book. I want you to shut the afternoon. Please knock -- Steve -- and DL acutely I happen. All right. -- -- Did you deal with this did you deal with. CNN -- was they're gonna do it anyway you got a sneak off. And do it in what you wanna have the mother do it -- -- like a -- girl doing. With some dynamics incident did to make things more mysterious and -- -- -- and then people just rush to do it I think that. Obviously I mean when I'm gonna -- -- in that he -- India so I think they're gonna do it anyway despite we'll have the mother do. That's -- I didn't mean I was like where to seventh grade on we bring to school and nothing else to destiny put it on Fifth Avenue vacant -- did you -- -- Smart and trying to figure -- like it's like or not that's part of 100 -- know. But I do think there's a reason that you want this. Providing a child from looking older and they're there is that sort of image that. Comes out of your mind you I'm sure a lot to say well I have ten year old and she's not -- Wear makeup so I agree with Cindy on this one. And it's all about balancing. As parents I know a lot of parents -- your kid to try to be best friends with their kids not in my house. I'm not your best friend I'm your mother you came out of my body I did not come out of -- Now -- I -- -- don't have time for you to Wear make up. Let me tell you something enjoy your time I promote being a tomboy so on weekends if we're going to a wedding or an event under the put on a little bit of glossed. But it's not acceptable it's not appropriate. Until they get into high school star team when they start when a bar mitzvahs or weddings or communion is you house. To let them know their limits are now stable flight which isn't. It's just a response. Also popular culture and me. We see these toddlers and T artist -- -- -- little four year old nick then there's a difference I think honestly between a young girl who. Want -- -- didn't become an all -- -- involved in the coming young lady. But I this that is -- -- remember -- -- going up you just couldn't Wear make the mother does indeed they did it was sixty. A never mandated in the sixteenth in the end -- work they've got away the so -- the notable. That value you -- -- But it with that's a different I'm. We're like that we've everybody had picked up the -- an album like making all of them -- kids nobody with the -- right yeah. Different about thought I think that if you. The more you want them to not do something -- the more you make it you know mysterious got the more they antidote yeah did you -- just. Office. I agree and also like you said the lord was in your house while my house it's it's good -- -- girls are looking up to victorious he writes I say I have seeking a secret. I know what men want and -- you see these women they want the girl next door not in a bikini not the bombshell but I'm just saying less is more. You don't want to sell your -- for them to understand that they want you remember when you're young you wanna be older when you're -- you wanna be on our -- It's just around it's just the circle of life and I think that's how do we sort of slow that down -- but it. Having -- do it it really was. I knew that if I freaked out they would just like in an -- boyfriend that in -- -- -- -- -- like. I tried not to overreact of that was that car blocked them to want to do it anyway so I guess I eat the more you put something more than they want to do witnesses. It's a very tough talk with everybody wants to be there is excellent and I think is the movies is that this is yet again. I think you can offer up variety of role -- on you and I was talking ran back that day Susan phenomenal one of the London yet. Some women athletes some of them you don't. I do feel the way that the -- baby don't come -- -- you've been asking you. How you feel about this what do you think eleven years. All too young to Wear make up an overwhelming night I want them to 6% who say not -- Yeah so good I guess we all agree which makes tremendous television. The -- The -- right now. And we want to thank. There in the morning you just -- all. But I like you could use a quick facts. To help your fashion dilemma every yeah. -- -- know that you can -- I know women everywhere can understand and there is a new series on good afternoon America we're calling it -- menu. Imagine the sound effect -- -- not fashion showing you some tricks to make you look bustier taller thinner. All of your -- -- -- all for under a hundred times magically joining us to help with these fashioned Texas author of -- -- this not that she is Amy Goodman. Okay. Sound issue that a lot of women have they want to. Enhance their bus line and they don't wanna do surgically right at the court just Allen here who is now actually at 34 would be. This is actually average -- size of Hollywood's so congratulations Alan good hot -- However the top she's wearing it's just kinda flat says from her -- closet. That's kind of a medium weight fabric and it basically makes her flat tax day. So we're gonna get her something that she can use for especially now as we send her back to do a quick fix and change. For a great evening out -- given her some -- -- -- Okay. Okay. -- well actually -- from Victoria's Secret they haven't. Dream angels acts two cups -- Barack. It really -- his support but. It's also detailed -- in the -- department at you know what I -- our lady of look right pretty evening out for a special occasion when you want to add a little bit of boost to the foods an excerpt for quite good right now is saying. -- how to get a call he made it out. Suddenly family. Isn't really -- -- -- -- The -- can we move on like. They got very effective nonsurgical option really terrific Greta I'm so. I'm time. And I'm I'm helping yeah dollar and women complain that they feel that you -- -- -- know where to look didn't want to. Look cleaner. Let's talk about how he could appear tall yet. If your really petite what a hot trend this season was that three quarters length -- right that this summer really hot this past spring. But when -- is fatigue as many as big you'll -- that her skirt that kind of basically cut her off. At the biggest part of her -- It makes for -- it cuts off her legs. And this very and top which came from her own closet she's also -- the top end what some -- would be fine but that's just kinda makes her hits. Wiping out a bit more spending even naturally are. So unfortunately this hurt it's not really flattering her marketing -- her moment to go back and switch things up. And what are the hot they have now is to show some. Okay. Case when you're really petite shows some skin on top and -- -- look like -- didn't even before they were masked behind that big start. This that he was stressed I'm TJ Max I love it symmetric -- -- -- like totally Amy Goodman right -- you have much but. And we did add some heightening pumps platform -- -- Kissimmee not a huge fan that the heels but she thought these were very laughable. I. I want. One myself just over. Issued a lot of women. -- is finding the perfect gene. A lot of us don't know exactly what the right it is the dreaded mom -- comes out to play when we do and he's out Jen has this pair of pants that -- do not flatter her. And -- they're very kind of widen the waste that's hanging really really happy they don't get -- make any form or shape. And we don't have parents can't like this in our closet he doesn't he got it just toss it which is something I recommend in my book witness talkback. So we're gonna -- -- -- pair of jeans that are totally -- -- down in a way that you wanted to believe. -- -- -- See if there that shaped -- downgraded to clothing that you all that that -- when they sent you -- Platt. They're -- and she also has some. A wonderful topic brings a lot of linked to her from JC -- your eyes go up. And some fabulous flat shoes that -- fun and give you -- From the -- TJ back so -- Have more of those coming up -- -- out good afternoon America dot for those tips in the closed. But coming up next you can handle this morning. Hello I'm John last. -- The queen of pop also. Times Square DL what -- You can see -- I'm square -- -- where is -- I've ever been to. And I want you to. Take a look at -- The -- Times Square scramble. The -- really. -- -- -- -- -- The material girl in the latest celebrity war of words and -- going on for quite awhile. Why eight is on John firing off that Madonna again now we are gonna tackle that topic and much much more. Here to help us he is a reporter at People Magazine she is a senior writer at. The Hollywood reporter please welcome Carlos -- and it's just the latest round in a multi round. Prize fight let's get straight to it again Madonna V Elton John this. Is well sir Elton. Blasting Madonna during an interview with an Australian program Sunday night take a look -- -- had to -- in common sense should -- lot of red lights stayed away from adult stuff and I've just been a great -- and make great public as we she does that -- hidden but -- she had to prove that she was light as just and fair grounds for. I have felt like -- are jammed around a stripper investigate first we just dropped their true we had -- -- the beat that works very well. Thankfully not reason. It's delicious if nothing else I mean -- the big heavyweights that too you know my daughter and a whole pop diva they do what you make today. Publicity stunt you think absolutely. Yet Elton got a tour this fall he's priming the pump I mean what better way to do it -- to launch into all these you know -- -- stripper headlines. It's kind of mean. I mean that the things that they've set heat more heat -- he's attacked her -- -- more. And she'd heard a couple things -- Golden Globes and Oscar time. I don't do it doesn't make him look -- I think. It doesn't -- a lot of people have come out in support of Madonna she's been quiet she's going about her tour she hasn't really taken the bait. Friends had said you know he's going to be performing the same songs until he -- -- she's taken a highlight of this month. And is it true that this is really all about us gaga lady got -- does not quiet about Scott. No she's not and this is the problem Elton has become a mentor to Lady Gaga Madonna -- been dissing Lady Gaga. -- -- -- -- -- -- Of course yeah. And I'm. There's going to be a quiz to get out of the studio to. Scrupulous notes we actually have a big -- -- to offer up. And Natalie Portman Oscar winner wed her fiance Benjamin -- that -- over the. The model -- -- exactly all the talk Bob. It was a traditional Jewish wedding and it -- also French as well be some brands she's Jewish of their wedding was really about -- -- it was really about celebrating who they are. I season begins so the man he was strictly a -- -- and saw there was no Fisher -- on -- here at all. -- be exchanged vows under hop up. Which is made of twigs and so is really all about them celebrating -- this is the did the Black Swan -- the black eye Indian choreographer Adam and that's how they met on the set of -- Black Swan. -- you won the Oscar for Angelina addressed issues. -- spectacular never misses a beat Joseph Stein where's she's a fashion darling -- all of these fashion friends she -- our regard -- who she's been wearing for years. They designed the famous Tutsis in Black Swan as well -- Oscar dress she wore when she won best actress. So it's no surprise -- choose -- for big night. The big surprises that they weren't already married and we saw the attack happened we're out of Iraq and brings out yet it's exciting it's really -- -- and file picture that's. It's -- happy couple Paul and Marisa Guthrie Carlos greater. Okay. We're good yeah. -- he is our Times Square scrambled correspondent he's among the masses done there Odierno have you found any way to play this -- -- last. Absolutely just come on -- we are come on and good morning. Now tell everybody and then. NORAD from -- -- -- -- it takes -- -- and no matter what happened. Man -- can you see those clothes that are the best I think you welcome your first inaugural. Contestant on the the Times Square -- -- -- That yet to get that name. Apparent that the name of the guests that we give each -- -- -- -- the do it. Have to dvds can't you go all right okay see now Jenny from the block sees Ginny from the heels -- pay -- not -- on her. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While that's -- -- -- Congratulations. I don't know -- all. Again DL did you see -- behind. Letters you didn't give the alarm bells -- -- I believe it's that. -- -- Our next guest and by we -- do you -- me. On the hit show. Beverly Hills not that Domenici is now the mom of three girls no less lovely she's -- -- Sunday afternoon there -- if you -- absolutely ravishing hot thanks again lovely in -- So how are the girls my girls -- good ticket then I have three girls. And my oldest is taller than me. And my -- -- is here with me today he is this. Okay. How does Lola -- nine and then the health Helena island I've -- today. -- understand the whole 9021 out pop culture phenomenon that was in the ninety's trio. My -- has. Watch the entire ten seasons of this show she -- -- governor Huntsman but. -- that I might wait until she is fifteen to let Iraq take my -- cannot kind of stuff on -- kind of he so what's happened. She got sucked in hard like it has didn't. Still I don't know what they've wasn't -- -- day sticks to the test of time people he still loved it so great is not what I'm and then it. And then the don't know what it was Whitney predicted summer he did this summer season that was a really Smart idea when an idea you were news. New episodes in the summer and it. Yes I had all I know -- also in New York. With crest and oral B actually worked on promoting. Oral health. -- -- -- -- I need to know this because I have a little four year old Angel street and she. I did you go to brush the teeth and she just wants to swallow the toothpaste she just thinks it's so delicious and if she misses out which -- -- we get -- to brush well maybe she -- To face it doesn't taste -- -- I don't know that it's that it can't argue -- like -- say crest and oral B and we're talking about going to school getting actually adopt that sort of crazy summer. You know schedule no routine we didn't see you back to school -- -- -- noticeable amount that it's our job -- parents like make sure that. -- Sending them out there with good habits healthy habit I want to ask you very quickly the new lifetime movie -- -- and actually based on somebody who joins us on Good Morning America a lot Nancy Grace the eleventh victim. What was it like actually becoming -- I -- I do not playing yeah. -- -- -- Nancy -- she is she other. She can't just sad it was -- she she wrote the Staten Island New York Times best seller and satin. I think character -- Princeton based loosely is being financed. You get overwrought about today's celebrity lifeline you buy you do want to play I'm ready campaign may carry this one -- -- before the show. Ask you you question. A celebrity from new York and -- those very same question to find out how they did this is sort of like a Newlywed Game only they're not married and he or she is not here. -- -- -- Parents and food is you're -- lifeline who McConnell I'm telling him you can tell where I -- -- -- -- -- -- Our lives and we appreciate it Keith good morning -- what we value there are promoting give me well. Yes let me just say you need to say something -- didn't you -- big big big way. -- -- You like my best friend and get it back yeah I think he did you look at how. Spends some good parents and here's our first question -- -- -- Carried out why isn't jennies and favorite cop town. Cocktail. -- -- -- like an apple working. An apple martini Jenny he cracks that. He knows I would never cast a coconut -- that's -- close at a very good -- -- your life -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we got another one here through all the cast took the longest in the makeup chair and on until an hour. We need to get who we -- Jenny Lance just weak lately at this Ike is a joke my answer is -- so think funny. But -- that tell the truth -- None of them. There won't do any good nobody -- -- Jason. -- -- -- Lineup -- didn't I -- yeah it -- time. Like well yeah easy. Item -- -- next step in Chile's biggest pet peeve is all of this is it good one think of me. You're -- you're. Good chance there yeah C. Jerry had achieved. Arms include a -- has his newest. -- -- People listening. That's now people who don't let me -- well there aren't admits. What's good -- explanation here please -- models I don't know. Yeah I like this I like to sell people. I'm here great big crowd behind you. -- -- -- -- And I I -- it has nothing to do with what be what is jennies middle -- That her -- really LN -- name I don't see where I'm flirt with breaking out -- -- Okay. There there little on the okay. Okay. Okay.

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