Google Street View Sued By Angry Frenchman

Man was snapped by one of Google's Cameras as he was answering natures call.
2:06 | 03/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Google Street View Sued By Angry Frenchman
-- -- it really is incredible when you think about it cars with cameras all around the planet taking snapshots of streets. And Google is doing this one corner at a time. It's called street view except one camera -- something on one corner that one guy and France would rather we not see he was -- say answering nature's call. And now he's called his lawyer Paul is back with this -- story. Yes sorry I'll -- hard in the hunt I've got a couple moratorium teleprompter this yes yes Linda. -- here's another we're -- -- Frenchman you guys was caught with his pants down and now in his village he's the butts. I have every -- It happened in a tiny idyllic French village -- freshman Katie knew his -- decided to do some. We believe outdoors. This -- -- pothole -- and now he's version of water in the plant had gone viral and his lawyer says -- -- prompted ridicule and coastal village. Google street -- combination of random snapshots of the are -- from any instinct Internet sensations. A recent unwitting star in -- Miami woman caught in the plus. But in the original nothing was blurred out giddy -- and safety car magic camera is Google's street view captures not just people's neighborhoods. -- all parts of their lives there are. Higher Internet sites devoted to find news. -- sunbathers and even -- -- Other sites dedicated to the bizarre. Folks using public bathrooms where there aren't any person -- and of -- -- have alleged crime. Burglary. Flight path drug deals. And track -- aid too much grabbed him. And not everyone's happy about what they see Bob -- -- the Daily Mail that he lost -- hundred pounds after stumbling on this photo of himself. Some really not happy like this land they Scooby -- -- lying in wait. Then being chased with pitchforks for the good news for those who getting eagle for eyewitness. Google will never be able to stall the images. Being there because there are so many of them. But for that -- it's no. He sued Google for infringement of privacy and -- man these photo taken down. His garden he could become even more famous.

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{"id":15843469,"title":"Google Street View Sued By Angry Frenchman","duration":"2:06","description":"Man was snapped by one of Google's Cameras as he was answering natures call.","url":"/GMA/video/google-street-view-sued-angry-frenchman-15843469","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}