GOP Candidates Ready for Southern Primaries

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum all hope for big wins in the South.
2:57 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for GOP Candidates Ready for Southern Primaries
Primaries and Alabama and Mississippi today and running Santorum and Gingrich all in it to win it a three way dead heat it's your voice your vote. And -- -- Jon -- on the scene in Birmingham Alabama and John a little bit surprised on their -- seems to have a real shot. In a region -- so far he hasn't been very strong. He sure does and George you can consider this. A Super Tuesday for the south a make or break day for Rick Santorum and a big test for Romney can he finally win. In the solidly conservative south. Mitt Romney is called today's primaries in a weight -- and still making a big push to show he can talk. Talk in the south I'm learning to say you all morning yeah well I like grits district -- some cheesy grits. Slew of recent polls have -- -- -- down here to be a three -- dead heat between Romney and Santorum. I'm trying to prove he isn't he true conservative alternative. And Newt Gingrich. Who's hoping to rise from the dead yet again. Unlike one of my competitors. I have had grits before if you don't understand dresses are pretty rad likely donors and the rest of the south even with. The stakes so high it's getting personal. Just listen to what Mitt Romney said when asked if he would need to keep -- running -- more conservative -- it is well that would preclude of course Rick Santorum his record does not suggest he's got the fiscal conservative chops. That I have we caught up with -- -- on the streets of Birmingham and it just shows you how desperate -- -- This is the the imaginary world -- Mitt Romney's. You know ideology -- -- Gingrich and Santorum say they plan to keep on fighting -- all the way until the Republican Convention in August. But Romney says -- received virtual impossibility. For them to win. If we go to all the way to convention what do we would be. We would signaling our doom in terms of replacing President Obama I don't know maybe should start making the case for why should be elected as opposed to playing -- -- math. Romney who took -- they Daytona 500 for saying he has friends who -- NASCAR team owners. Talked Monday about how we also have some friends in the NFL. I got a lot of good friends that is the the owner of the Miami dolphins in the New York Jets -- -- are our friends of mine. -- Romney has said it would take a miracle -- -- Gingrich for Santorum to get the delegates to win the nomination. Santorum told me yesterday that the current trend continues he doesn't see how Romney gets a majority before the convention. In other words George his strategy right now is a floor fight at the convention in August which we just saw -- he said would be -- for the Republicans but if Mitt Romney does win today. Johnny and see a lot of top Republican saying it is time to wrap this thing up. Yet no question and look if Romney can wind down here if he can win and -- state. -- -- conservatives Alabama or Mississippi it's going to be a lot harder for. Santorum to say that he is the conservative alternative it would be a big big day for Mitt Romney.

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{"id":15908514,"title":"GOP Candidates Ready for Southern Primaries","duration":"2:57","description":"Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum all hope for big wins in the South.","url":"/GMA/video/gop-candidates-ready-southern-primaries-mitt-romney-newt-15908514","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}