Goreski on Cameron: Gay Couples Not 'Unnatural'

Fashion expert, author of new book "Born to Be Brad" discusses growing up gay.
6:30 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Goreski on Cameron: Gay Couples Not 'Unnatural'
Brad -- rescue star -- it's a Brad Brad world and he built of his celebrity client styling business from one client to a client list that includes a blisters like Jessica Alba. To -- Lauren emaciated Jones and now he has a new memoir called born to be Brad. We're going to talk to -- in just a moment but first here's a look at some of our favorite Brad moments at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even when he dresses like I'm -- Does that not -- I how Smart kid should be OK thank you for days. Surprised. Over the -- Going to the new thinking ahead -- -- -- kitty -- Just plain gorgeous. Everybody. Excellent. It's -- need to be. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't tragic can be proud that the easiest day I got laid brag risky good morning congratulations. On the memoir thanks to you mix -- anything -- you know. We were writing it while I was filming the show and working and you know I thought why not add one more thing into the next -- I kinda figured while we were I was -- revealing -- much about myself on the show that we should put it all down on Paper to. Why can't let people really read about it one that you do reveal in this book is that when you were just twelve years old. -- parents took you to a therapist who was supposed to quote unquote cure you of being -- -- yeah I didn't know that the time. Now you know I didn't know when it was the suggestion that came from our doctors and when my mom read the -- she sets me you know. The doctor told us to do this -- we we did it as a way to try to figure out you know how to kind of deal with -- and you know trust -- it did not on -- means you can see. Now and my family you know has -- is so supportive of me and my boyfriend in my relationship but it was really their way of trying to get how -- You're into small towns or perhaps there was a lack of sophistication do you think its claim to -- I just think it was -- being directed by my doctor you know that this was the -- the answer for hand -- what he needed to do but in the way it actually helped our family because. We -- -- counseling together and I think it opened up a lot of a lot of dialogue between us which was healthy and you know obviously it is still an issue where we're hearing even today earlier on the show Kirk Cameron's remarks about homosexuality and gay marriage being what he calls that unnatural and and this touching off a firestorm of controversy is still obvious to people believe -- Yeah and it's a lot I mean it's a little sad I mean I'd be happy to send Kirk a copy of my -- and episodes up my show because. My relationship with my boyfriend is completely natural and it's completely normal and. You know I had the support the book is really a celebration out. The women and the support that -- throughout my life from kindergarten teachers all the way through to people I've worked with recently you know and I think being whoever you are is time to be celebrate and I don't think that any of -- have the right to really say what -- national it is unnatural what -- the. Other things that might surprise some readers of this book is your candor about your fight with drugs -- were addicted to cocaine prevent -- what you had to happen exactly. It was a really really quick decline you know I was just I thought that what I was doing was just partying and being twenty years old and and I found myself. You know doing cocaine fired every single day for a little while and I talk about this in my book two I just I remember that moment so clearly. Having been out all night partying and looking in the mirror and going okay you can make a decision here you can continue that -- probably die really young or you can -- it. Like see what your potential. Could be and what you can do with your life and I'm glad that I chose the latter and decided to get sober and I've been sober for over ten years. Congratulations. Thank you that you did describe one particular low point that was very painful to read. Wrapping Christmas presents yet while doing lines of cocaine you have to sort of the contradiction of those two. It was -- that was one of the lowest points because. It you know Christmas is always such a big deal what my grandmother is very much celebrated in the -- and she's no longer with fast but. I was just like this is not -- you know and and I shouldn't be I shouldn't be doing this at this moment like being out and partying it's one thing but being at home getting ready for Christmas that just. It seemed to me like such a low point it got a lot worse than that. I think that that she got at all taking care and -- video and went to rehab for that. You you worked with one of the top names in fashion Rachel's for three area that was quite a tumultuous relationship as we've seen chronicled -- reality television and I felt like. -- -- he was amazed saying you know I didn't IA I'd love Rachel and you know she was such a wonderful. Box and a great mentor and just I feel very lucky to have had the chance to work with her chief economist imagine you learned anything you learned from her I think she really taught me in this business where people are you know there's the stereotype of being kind -- mean then and -- -- to people she always taught me to be nice to people. And she was so generous with me and and so kind to -- and and. You know really showed me a world that as this this chubby kid growing up -- small town -- -- I never thought -- we get to see so I'll always be grateful to her and I think that she's an amazing person. And very quickly let's go to Oscar's very quickly as you were doing some commentary for -- everybody was struck in particular by Angelina Jolie's gallon -- very very deliberate pose that she strapped -- -- of bat I was gonna Wear down with a high slit our aid. -- -- -- -- -- I might have backed out all right I don't know I mean Angelina CE you know she got everybody talking again and she's so talented and beautiful it's you know. -- -- -- -- -- I hope so. Actually saw -- in the British Airways lounge once during her -- propped. Tomb Raider -- and done. I asked to help her get if she need help getting us right at of the refrigerator -- about my. Germany's complicated that. Chapter thirty. College you can read about that on the -- -- -- -- giving graduation it's -- to -- -- your thanks for having me and the book as we said hits stores today you can get your cockney.

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{"id":15857244,"title":"Goreski on Cameron: Gay Couples Not 'Unnatural'","duration":"6:30","description":"Fashion expert, author of new book \"Born to Be Brad\" discusses growing up gay.","url":"/GMA/video/goreski-cameron-gay-couples-unnatural-15857244","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}