No Solution on Horizon for Potential Government Shutdown

Concern that another government shutdown, possible default could derail a surging economy.
1:30 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for No Solution on Horizon for Potential Government Shutdown
We're going to washington, and the dysfunction that could derail the economy. We could be days away from another government shutdown. Jon karl is covering it from the white house. Two, big deadlines approaching. The government runs out of money SEPTEMBER 30th. And can't borrow anymore money a couple weeks after that. Reporter: That's right, george. It is a real mess. House republicans are set today to finally pass a bill that would temporarily fund the government until december. But it includes a provision that nothing, no money can be spent on the president's health care bill ever. That has 0% chance of passing in the senate. That puts us back to square one, with the government shutdown set in just over a week. Remember, this is just a temporary funding bill. It's the first big thing. We also, as you mentioned, have coming up, whether the government can borrow money. That could put the government in default. And the consequences of the shutdown is bad. The cons kwentss of default is catastrophic. And a new poll out on abc that had warnings from both sides. Reporter: This is about the president's health care law. It shows the law is still unpopular. A majority of the public doesn't like the way it's being implemented. Only one-third of approves of how it's being implemented. But our poll shows that more unpopular than the president's health care law, by far, is the idea of shutting down the government to defund it. Yet. It may happen. Now, to new details on the

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{"id":20315724,"title":"No Solution on Horizon for Potential Government Shutdown","duration":"1:30","description":"Concern that another government shutdown, possible default could derail a surging economy.","url":"/GMA/video/government-shutdown-imminent-solution-horizon-20315724","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}