Grace: New Anthony Death Claim 'Unbelievable'

Nancy Grace, Dan Abrams discuss psychologists' 477-page report on Casey Anthony.
5:37 | 01/12/12

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Transcript for Grace: New Anthony Death Claim 'Unbelievable'
Time for our legal team to -- in Jimmy legal analyst Dan Abrams right here Nancy Grace host of Nancy Grace on HL and then -- Nancy what what to make. Of these deposition -- in the deposition she first speculates that her dad. Might have been the father of her child then says that her dad tried to kill the job. Well I think this saying that the thing -- them as did the shrinks that evaluated her for hours and hours and hours in fact. One of the -- -- actually said. I don't want to be a -- That -- look it up on A carrier of the disease. He did not evil want to repeat the lies that top -- Casey Anthony stated and if you don't believe that George take a look at the defense they don't have to tell me what they think. They did not put any of this evidence up on the stand because is practically an unbelievable and I and I cannot how many people could have -- Kelly's father Stuart thirteen different stories that I now walk. And and -- actually I think that they went a step further because during the trial there was always the suggestion that Caylee could have died by accident right -- you -- walked out the two could have taken the latter. Walked up it into the pool and drowned accidentally. Now we hear the cases that Casey saying that would have been impossible even Casey is saying that that latter would have been too heavy to move. And as a result she doesn't think this could have been an accidental death she's complaining -- George. And in another story she. -- -- her story she told her shrinks according to the lawyers according to the prosecutor who writes the book on it. She said she found KLE. Drowned in the pool the story then changed to George Anthony -- -- and as far as her claims that Georgia relief where the father of her child DNA tests were run to -- that. None of this was a started a part of the jury because it appears to knew it was a lot. Also important to remember this is 2010. When most this coming out right -- these psychologists initially interviewed 2008 to determine if she competence and -- a comeback. Almost two years later to do this psychological assessment and at this point. Casey Anthony is preparing what will be a defense. What a columnist for defense but it's a Baltic. So what we see here are the seeds of the defense. The defense then makes arguments which are sort of consistent with what she's staying out of it bleeds through -- but not -- Yeah -- -- part stand on them. What did this kid did was they elected all their choices and they picked the defense that suited them a bit worse they did this again let me reiterate if you -- -- didn't hear me. By my -- -- and I don't know about half a bit. They're thirteen stories -- -- Kelly's father could be and now -- trying to pin on George yet again what does that have to do. And -- I'm actually a less interested in her various theories about how she got pregnant that I am about her various theories about -- child that. And that's the focus I think here because that's where the inconsistencies to -- significant I have no idea how she got. It may not mean anything to you but that's how they kicked off their opening statement -- -- That was the crux of the case look at George Anthony don't look at me and let me also point out that -- -- said she exhibits no signs of molestation. What so ever -- in fact she sings so quiet blasted cheerful so unaffected by at all that actually creeped out the two shrinks. -- and -- and then -- the original hope was stand that they would be able to use these psychiatrists in the courtroom what city they were they were considering some sort of psychological defense which speak clearly did not present why. Because as -- pointing out a lot of what the psychologists said is not helpful. To the defense didn't want I -- on this. -- and -- what did -- -- it was alone -- And they even said that they were starting to believe tot mom Casey Anthony if she could -- -- two veterans -- this jury never had a chance. A bit -- but this -- the bottom line is that that I think the defense she would agree with Smart not to call these psychologists to the stand right. You know -- and the reason they ended up not -- district to the stand -- to trial strategy behind their decision. It's when they get even notice -- they were going to put up a psychological defeat at yes they weren't going that way even knowing it was a -- this is rose by as. The -- -- -- -- you bring in the shrinks and we get a chance to interview her first that's when they called that all off the call the whole thing off when they realized that staked shrinks we're going to get to interview. Tot -- -- and I think it's so ironic now that we hear that Casey Anthony's. Considering firing Jose by the -- -- what that really means at this point firing -- -- I don't know what else he's gonna represented her in. Apart from trying to book deals etc. obviously agent right -- and -- not a -- -- there's also reports that he quit now there's the pot calling the kettle black if she says -- And he says like at what ever. You know -- -- -- few -- I think a lot of us -- surprised to see an interview like this with a psychiatrist doctor actually released in public damaged Florida very open laws with regard to court documents remember this is not Casey -- going to a psychiatrist to try to help her this is -- Casey Anthony going to a psychiatrist to consider defense. And as a result psychologists interviewing her for that purpose so this is not you don't have the same sort of protections. In this sort of doctor patient privilege that would normally apply within minutes and thanks very much.

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{"id":15344658,"title":"Grace: New Anthony Death Claim 'Unbelievable'","duration":"5:37","description":"Nancy Grace, Dan Abrams discuss psychologists' 477-page report on Casey Anthony.","url":"/GMA/video/grace-anthony-death-claim-unbelievable-15344658","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}