'Granny Is My Wingman' Duo Discuss Dating

Kayli Stollak and her grandmother explain blog, helping each other date.
2:24 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for 'Granny Is My Wingman' Duo Discuss Dating
Alien harrowing man Graham on Gail here a lot of in -- in the studio you -- this act on the road. I think they are -- 76 years young and that's. What -- -- him up. With this idea I've thought it was magnificent actually but I was very very concerned for myself I didn't want to be involved and I think she should look ahead thing. Assuming that she twisted a few arms and talk to me sweetly insist my grandchild on the whenever. Why she wasn't she -- isn't in the beginning. Well as you like that cannot steal my identity of beit -- on the web. -- -- -- that the that we're going online dating so you do give each other dating advice what's the what's the best piece of advice that you've given your granddaughter -- You're young. Have fun. Take good care of yourself. -- -- If it's about having a pleasant evening you don't know where it's gotten -- just have signed a good time. You don't put so much pressure and saying let's -- the BB 10 not at all -- -- and year advising him giving your grandma. Same thing actually while not. Your -- I -- my -- and younger yeah. We have another take yourself too seriously don't take anything too seriously does have a good time when -- and you know. -- that's fun dating it's fun new online dating and malaria the different notes online -- due to yourself the comments absolutely manager expectations. You know don't -- into -- meet my husband go into -- have a good time. Be honest in your profile be -- on your day it's prudent thing here I don't weekend. I think that honesty is always good -- And I just it's very good with this don't set your expectations high. Just in critical for a couple of hours have some fun -- -- -- letters and enjoy itself go home decide what that maybe it like to do it again. So the a lot of fun just relax relax -- -- guests relax right. -- -- And protect the wings and -- likely you are married unless -- hundred and I -- and your -- is absolutely think he has -- hysterical I see a movie that in the works -- forget about it said I'm dating tips from the wing man granny got a Good Morning America dot com. On Yahoo!.

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{"id":15403071,"title":"'Granny Is My Wingman' Duo Discuss Dating","duration":"2:24","description":"Kayli Stollak and her grandmother explain blog, helping each other date.","url":"/GMA/video/granny-wingman-duo-discuss-dating-15403071","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}