DA Investigates Kelly

Dan Abrams discusses the accusations against the NY police commissioner's son.
2:29 | 01/26/12

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Break this down -- Jamie's legal analyst Dan Abrams in let's get the facts on the table first this is a complaint. Not a charge an idea that's right -- some of these cases we say innocent until proven guilty we're not even at that point yet. He hasn't even been charged by the authorities -- this is at this point. Was a complaint filed by this woman. To the police station the case has now been handed over to the DA's office because of the obvious conflict that his father runs the police department. And that's where we -- -- -- Greg Kelly says that this will put his he'll be able to prove his innocence to the prosecutors so what will his team do what will they focus on I think they're gonna focus on three things a number one is the time lag in the reporting number two is the communication between them and number three is the angry boyfriend. And I think that those -- the three things that. His lawyer will put together and say to the authorities and say look you can't chart this guy this case simply -- would fall apart. And this is a bit of a tricky situation for -- Manhattan district attorney as well we all remember this case of Dominique Strauss com the French official. Who was accused of rape as well they ended up pursuing it and then dropping the charges and -- going to be extra careful. That they are remember though there you had the police and the DA both working on the case it together here police are not going to be investigated it's just going to be the DA's office and they are going to do everything by the book. Not only. He's the world watching. But because of the fact that his father is the police commissioner. They want to make sure that they have dotted every -- they have crossed every T get talked every prospective witness so. People always -- a high profile cases do people get the benefit of the doubt. It sometimes. In this particular case I think what you're going to see is. Incredible. Care and detail and how -- The judges and juries and prosecutors generally look -- Information like the fact that there was a long time lag but there was communication we'll look at again. This is if it goes to trial -- and you get we're not even at that point yet the prosecutors are trying to prod the for the prosecutor's office that's all going to be very significant they have to be able to be convinced that they can prove this case. Beyond a reasonable doubt. So even if they -- let's say think it's probably true. -- it very well may be true. I don't think that they -- charge in a case like this they have to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this happened and some of the facts here already. Would cause some trouble -- prosecutor -- a case like this one to truck segment -- very much.

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{"id":15445842,"title":"DA Investigates Kelly","duration":"2:29","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the accusations against the NY police commissioner's son.","url":"/GMA/video/greg-kelly-accused-rape-da-investigates-15445842","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}