Grosse Pointe Murder: Blood Found in Garage

Dan Abrams discusses the investigation of the murder of Jane Bashara.
1:59 | 02/09/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grosse Pointe Murder: Blood Found in Garage
L analyst Dan Abrams -- -- the -- in just a moment but first you have set from the beginning that Bob a sharp the people what to speak out for him but for him to do it and us attorney. He's not answer the question about an affair and his attorney says open rarity if you. -- come out and speak and your wife has been killed. You have got to talk about your relationship with your wife in particular. If your -- -- here. Is going to say it was an open relationship. And then you're unwilling to talk about what that means at all. That's a problem that the -- Scott working for him he's the fact that -- daughter and his son seemed to be willing to go out publicly and defend him. So if I were him and his lawyer. I would certainly have -- stopped talking because -- anything he says will be can be used against it. At a later point and -- he's -- these two kids who are willing to come out and say. We don't think he was responsible. That's pretty powerful -- And now to the blood that was found where -- said it would be in the garage yeah that's incredibly important. -- if the authorities can now confirm. That at least -- Swiss there. That's really significant they've now got to put the pieces together to figure out exactly what happened I think it's interesting though that -- saying he thinks it's fishy. That they found the blood there and they didn't find it the first time so now he's question the police work. Which again. I don't know if that's a very Smart maneuver you want to try and get the authorities to move forward to arrest you start questioning their their work which it sounds like. Bob -- shards doing. And his attorney indicates it looks like the -- may be close to pressing charges yeah I mean the -- the attorney now saying he expects an arrest it seems today in the relatively near future. Again somewhat surprising. For a lawyer to come out I guess he's in contact with the authorities so maybe that's what they're telling him the -- that -- -- before so bizarre acts how the sustainable all right. Thanks -- there.

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{"id":15545788,"title":"Grosse Pointe Murder: Blood Found in Garage","duration":"1:59","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the investigation of the murder of Jane Bashara.","url":"/GMA/video/grosse-point-murder-blood-found-garage-15545788","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}