Grosse Pointe Slaying: Alleged Accomplice Released

Dan Abrams discusses the investigation of the alleged murder of Jane Bashara.
2:49 | 02/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Grosse Pointe Slaying: Alleged Accomplice Released
To bring in -- legal analyst Dan Abrams down so -- being released. With the city of it says that the police still of questions about his account. The biggest mistake the police could make would be to Russian charge him and then feel that they didn't have enough. -- got time on their side they can release him for now I promise you they're gonna keep cannot. It's not as if they're gonna just sort of let him go on -- they'll be watching him they'll be keeping an eye on him and they want to build this case that doesn't just involve him because remember if his account is true. It means that -- stars involved -- learned becomes an Indian investments confesses. That sometimes people you know we see this in a lot of cases where. People confessed sometimes in high profile cases even though that they weren't involved policy had his brother saying that he has the mental disabilities -- -- so. I think that the police obviously have some questions here that they want to answer. Before they move forward with charges but it sure does sound like there could be charges down the road against. We heard in -- piece the alleged mistress who said. Let's stop talking about that -- that as a distraction. From. Finding out who did this and people think they are turning to the believe that to -- -- It's not her place to decide what's distraction and what's not in the context of -- the murder investigation the authorities are looking at possible motive being an affair it's relevant. But it's interesting he had -- which are now going out and giving this this interview his lawyer also -- an hour and a half press conference. -- and in the interview as we heard he saying the affair was not an affair. Well if it's suddenly demonstrated that Bob Bishara and this is -- -- but if he was demonstrated that Bob Bishara was lying about the affair. It's going to lead the authorities to have a lot of questions about his other. Accounts as well he's got to be very careful here in terms of what he's saying about all of the other. Incidents. All of the other things happening in his life. Surrounding this and not just about the incident so that's why you have been saying don't speak -- if I was his lawyer if I was his lawyer I would be saying be really careful here. I wouldn't say much but then again look his lawyer held an hour and -- half press conference were talking about his own politics is divorces it -- the lawyers politics the lawyers divorces he's joking. With the audience about -- getting him water in this so it was a very odd this is. These are. Bizarre case and -- you've got a bizarre situation surrounding the guy whoever was looking at. You now it seems have a bizarre lawyer who's represented him based on the press conference that I watched. And a bizarre fact pattern. That's emerging here and so and the fact again against has been released as we talked about what exactly so I think -- they're trying to put all the pieces together. Absolutely things -- in southern Illinois fans appreciate it.

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{"id":15528294,"title":"Grosse Pointe Slaying: Alleged Accomplice Released","duration":"2:49","description":"Dan Abrams discusses the investigation of the alleged murder of Jane Bashara.","url":"/GMA/video/grosse-pointe-slaying-alleged-accomplice-released-15528294","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}