World's Tallest, Tiniest Dog Appear on 'GMA'

Stuart Claxton on the release of updated records book.
3:00 | 09/13/12

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Transcript for World's Tallest, Tiniest Dog Appear on 'GMA'
Test Text1 plai Ready to be astounded? You better be. We're going inside the guinness world records 2013 edition. Hits bookstores day. You're going to meet who made the cut. We've seen a couple already. First, stuart claxson, good enough to join us. Stuart, I'm amazed, 50,000 inqueries every year to get in. Some 40,000 made the cut since 1955. Correct. So many extraordinary additions this year. The hits keep coming. It certainly is. There's close to 4,000 records in the guinness of records book that is out today. I think we're going to have a look at some of the highlights right now. Can I take you through some of the good ones. First, "good morning america," we actually made the cut. Indeed. "Good morning america" is the recipient of a guinness world record for the most makeovers in 24 hours. Hey. Congratulations to us. That's great. All right. Here we go. We're going to start. Denise, we've seen zeus today. He's the world's tallest dog. Yep. 44 inches. You got him as a puppy. Yes, we did. Tell me, what's it like when you're out there taking him for a walk? It's pretty crazy. Everybody just kind of mobs around him. Everybody wants pictures taken with him. They think he's awesome. I can understand. It's okay, zeus, buddy. It's all right. And meanwhile, they are of the same family, hard to believe, canines both. Tell me about little cupcake. This is cupcake. Everybody wants to take a picture of her, too. Of course, they do. Getting this picture taken. This is, I want to introduce everybody to the world's tallest mohawk. 3'8.6" tall. What's the secret here? Three packets of hairspray, Does he do this? He has to walk in all fours inside the building. Only a special occasion like this. Unbelievable. Again, congratulations to you all. Stuart, thank you so much for being here. Again, it is the guinness book, henson, gonna

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{"id":17225425,"title":"World's Tallest, Tiniest Dog Appear on 'GMA'","duration":"3:00","description":"Stuart Claxton on the release of updated records book.","url":"/GMA/video/guinness-book-world-records-2013-tallest-smallest-dog-17225425","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}