Halloween Secret Deals for 'GMA' Fans Only

Tory Johnson explains where you can save big on your family's Halloween fun.
3:26 | 10/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Halloween Secret Deals for 'GMA' Fans Only
Only says the visa -- very exciting makes him -- it -- tied to get the costumes the candy the decorations but despite -- Zain is in the house. She can give us our secret deals and steals that's correct some pretty good stuff right stating babies who he's staying isn't starving kids count stands ready so party city has a really great deal for us I'm -- -- -- three different -- costumes including Disney princess is Tom lots -- -- for the boy days. What you need to do is go to Good Morning America dot com and on our website we list for you exactly what that what is included and you can either go to -- In -- seven. Hundred party city stores or you can Miami today concedes that if you -- just aren't you need to coupons you can only find that a Good Morning America dot com printed out Britney can't appreciate it yeah get -- 50%. Savings and in constant starting at nine dollars and yet maybe -- -- that. I wouldn't like it don't cost -- adults so real keys which as you know I think being near city institution into. But they've got a Halloween web site every single thing on their -- take its 50% off today and tomorrow so costumes I'm thinking you know soon and angry -- and -- check out -- -- not -- soccer cutting costs and hot -- you think that's gonna get study did not -- -- everything we're really close above Scotty our stage manager -- -- -- -- -- -- You might have a solid yeah. Does it again today might not use the link on the -- gardening America dot com 50% of -- Constance I mean the most amazing selection of -- stuff can't -- that you have done again yeah not everybody can Wear. Prince charming thousands of our -- our alliance to advance the Matt. And that's used for incidental continued don't want to Wear crazy still look this is your alternative and a 50% off today and smart still fifteen to twenty dollars depending on which -- you to use the links to Good Morning America dot com even the dog is on the analysts He got even the dogs yeah elite Haley is at UN and -- -- boutique has costumes for -- -- -- 50% off the customs. So -- about eighteen dollars and into -- real little boots and the name of the website again it's -- hush puppy -- but you have to linked to Good Morning America dot com and got to access that Dion yeah obviously of course of course I'm happy baby good. Co armagh aren't saying it was her absolute favorite and the land is as -- -- payday countless hours -- an out route and not only is unbelievably delicious but it's also a fortune for you -- the importance do you feel good eating. 50% often -- mine getting me your gain weight if you keep beating -- -- -- -- That's it's about you think about and that's not it's as there really special deal on two different sides is such a good thing especially for adults the office I would highly recommend buying and then allow things to check this out watch it here it comes from the very round and round with an -- -- Republican leadership I don't know why didn't He did look at this is Randy and road this'll make him happy. Spooky -- broom and this is only like eleven bucks at the Good Morning America -- 50% off and more on six different items on -- you -- you can go to Good Morning America dot com and get the link to get all the items. Com today only -- And -- did the costumes to candy to decorate bags and it -- -- good. They are scared that's right and if you're not sure this isn't there. There's so many trips are land land.

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{"id":14778915,"title":"Halloween Secret Deals for 'GMA' Fans Only","duration":"3:26","description":"Tory Johnson explains where you can save big on your family's Halloween fun.","url":"/GMA/video/halloween-costume-secret-deals-gma-fans-14778915","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}