What Happened to Natalie Wood?

Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept. re-opened the 30-year-old Hollywood mystery.
2:36 | 11/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What Happened to Natalie Wood?
Police in Los Angeles have reopened the investigation into Natalie wood's death. But with so much time having past since the actress drowned how exactly are they hoping to crack this case ABC's -- -- -- as the looking into that -- -- -- -- -- Q good morning LA county sheriff's detectives aren't releasing specifics about exactly how they plan to pursue it. So really -- some other experienced investigators for their thoughts on what happens next in this high profile Hollywood mystery case. The victim Natalie -- -- 43 Hollywood beauty. Found dead in the water November 29 and 1981. Her death declared an accidental drowning. Thirty years later investigators say they have new information they -- substantiated that information but that's why they've now -- and seasoned detectives to take another look at this case. They'll start with existing evidence reviewing pictures and notes from the scene near Catalina Island. They not -- was on the dingy she may have been trying to board. The autopsy report obviously. You could have medical examiners today. Reviews the LA medical Examiner's report to see if there are any inconsistencies. Next up the key witnesses the three other people on the boat. Robert Wagner -- -- husband also famous actor claims he saw and heard nothing about his wife's drowning that night Christopher won't get. Woods Brendan Hansen co star he is not talked publicly since the case was reopened. Dennis -- that captain on the boat. He says he heard a vicious fight before would disappeared and that Wagner asked him not to look for her perhaps. There are additional allegations but allegations take you know where -- you can prove them. Could that -- come from new evidence maybe from high tech search and testing techniques like -- -- in today's TV crime dramas. Our experts say not likely. Talk about going to about thirty years later. It would be unrealistic to -- many things forensic evidence such as DNA evidence but -- are the types of evidence that usually changes that case. We don't have that here we just haven't changed that testimony sort of that it's going to be very difficult for them -- reclassified this case. Now the experts we spoke with expect the review of the Natalie -- case will be done relatively soon possibly a couple of months they say. And again Robert Wagner has said he supports this new investigation. Dan and -- -- its worth noting he is not a suspect at this time in this case is still ruled an accident.

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{"id":14991885,"title":"What Happened to Natalie Wood?","duration":"2:36","description":"Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept. re-opened the 30-year-old Hollywood mystery.","url":"/GMA/video/happened-natalie-wood-14991885","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}