Fishermen See Humpback Whales

Whales travel alongside a routine fishing expedition for almost a week.
2:15 | 01/07/12

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Transcript for Fishermen See Humpback Whales
Out to what I believe -- the best pictures of the morning check this these are humpback whales who went for a weeklong ride. With a group of fisherman and it was all caught on tape and run is back but that store your second marine -- sort of all right Dan. You know for this group of Hawaiian fish -- was really quite a week they headed out on a routine fishing expedition only to pick up. A couple of unexpected companions who for whatever reason chose to tag along for hundreds of miles and what -- show they put on. It was a rare up close look at one of nature's largest and most magnificent creatures -- Wayward whales believed to be a female humpback -- cap off the coast of Honolulu. The captain of the ocean coral fishing boat. William -- says he and his crew of five were about 400 miles from shore fishing for -- -- tuna when the whales appeared. And began following them. After Summers and -- the boat. This on what that's like seven days than -- left her side the two whales were commonplace school during their joint voyage all of it captured on this video. He seemed happy swimming alongside the fishing boat and jumping roof. And jumping. For seven days across 800 miles of ocean the whales put on an amazing show. Before finally heading into Honolulu harbor where their performance delighted the crowd that had gathered to watch them. And anyone is at any. I have this is the first time I've seen will -- in this -- But close to -- these -- of marine creatures were Shire and they had been when they were -- captain went fishing boat. There was need to have some company gathered for that way we've been out for almost forty days -- -- my steps of the look at the maker but. And humpback whales apparently do not typically come this close to shore which is far from their normal habitat researchers have no idea. Why they did come this close this time what there is that. Was because it was easier for the mother humpback whale to keep -- minor calf. While avoiding potential predators or perhaps avoiding -- particular. -- -- They are magnificent -- yes I'm thank you.

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{"id":15311099,"title":"Fishermen See Humpback Whales","duration":"2:15","description":"Whales travel alongside a routine fishing expedition for almost a week. ","url":"/GMA/video/hawaiian-fishermen-humpback-whales-routine-fishing-expedition-week-us-15311099","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}