Heather Locklear Rushed to Hospital

Star's sister made frantic 911 call after worrying Locklear may "harm herself."
2:19 | 01/13/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Heather Locklear Rushed to Hospital
Of that breaking news overnight about Heather Locklear the TV star was rushed to the hospital after a frantic 911 call from -- sister. And ABC's Abbie Boudreau joins us from Los Angeles now with the latest on her condition having. Good morning George -- trying times for Heather Locklear who spent the night in the hospital. After paramedics were called to her home yesterday making every one fear the worst. ABC news has learned the fifty year old star was rushed to the emergency room Thursday afternoon. Media reports say she allegedly took a dangerous mix of prescription drugs and alcohol. Published reports say Locklear sister made a frantic call to 911. Radar online reporting she was worried about how -- state of mind. And was quote afraid Locklear was going to harm herself. Paramedics responded to the actress has -- -- county home around 2 PM. Police tell ABC news they determined she needed medical attention and rushed her to the hospital. All of this comes just two months after breaking off her engagement to boyfriend Jack Wagner. Radar online quoting sources saying Locklear was distraught over her relationship. And it's upset her lately. -- clears representatives did not respond to our phone calls or emails for comment. In these pictures snapped earlier this week at an LA lakers game Locklear can be seen with a drink in hand online some saying she looked wasted. As her friend playfully takes the drink away from the actress. Though it's not clear if it had alcohol in it. I'll tell you straight up this more -- -- -- it's not the first time the Melrose Place star has faced difficulties like this. The last few years Heather's had a lot of problems with substance abuse she's had a -- She had a reported suicide attempt in 2006. She divorced guitarist Richie Sambora. Two years later she was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence of prescription medicine shortly after she checked into rehab to treat her depression. Two years ago Locklear wound up back in rehab. This time to help kick a prescription drug habit people really really want her to get through this and get back kind of thing. Locklear -- parents say the actress is in no danger and that she will be just fine. And George hospital officials say they plan to release her later today of course everyone wishing for the bastion hoping that I shall have a full recovery -- actually -- thanks very much.

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{"id":15352935,"title":"Heather Locklear Rushed to Hospital","duration":"2:19","description":"Star's sister made frantic 911 call after worrying Locklear may \"harm herself.\"","url":"/GMA/video/heather-locklear-rushed-hospital-sister-worried-shed-harm-15352935","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}