Heidi Klum, Seal Divorce Heats Up

The singer, 49, accused the supermodel, 39, of having a relationship with her bodyguard.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Heidi Klum, Seal Divorce Heats Up
Back, now, with that divorce battle between heidi klum and seal. It is making headlines again, after some angry accusations from seal. Abc's diana perez has the details. Reporter: The victoria's secret supermodel and the hunky, soulful singer. Until their shocking divorce announcement in january, heidi klum and seal appear to be a match made in heaven, raising four children together. Even when talking to ellen DeGENERES ABOUT THE COUPLE'S Split, seal was friendly. She is still, in my opinion, the most wonderful woman in the world. Reporter: But the man who sang this -- ♪ we're never going to survive unless we get a little crazy ♪ Reporter: Seemed to do just that. And reversing months of public civility, seal launched a war of words with this bombshell to tmz on friday, accusing klum of cheating with her bodyguard. I would prefer heidi wait until we separated first before to fornicate with the help, as it were. Reporter: Klum responded with an exclusive statement to people.Com. Saying, I cherish all of the great memories seal and i created together over the years. She added, our separation was based on issues between the two of us. They're trying to protect their kids. And she's moving on with their life. Reporter: On monday, seal clarified, that their divorce is not final. Before the shocking comments, seal said he didn't find that the mother of his children may be dating again. My main priority is the emotional well-being of our children. And to be honest, if there's somebody else, I'd rather it was a familiar face. Reporter: Klum, too, turned the focus back to the couple's children. My priority has and continues to be protecting and providing for our children. For "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york.

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{"id":17147795,"title":"Heidi Klum, Seal Divorce Heats Up","duration":"3:00","description":"The singer, 49, accused the supermodel, 39, of having a relationship with her bodyguard. ","url":"/GMA/video/heidi-klum-seal-divorce-heats-supermodel-relationship-bodyguard-17147795","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}