Woman Claims Cain Affair

GOP presidential candidate emphatically denies allegations.
3:10 | 11/29/11

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Transcript for Woman Claims Cain Affair
Now -- that new bombshell for Herman Cain another woman has come forward claiming a thirteen year affair came came right out to defend himself. And that doubt it's going to be along to analyze what -- means for the presidential race but first ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian -- Ross -- the latest on these new. Allegations morning good morning Robin -- are not allegations of sexual harassment instead an accusation. Of the thirteen long consensual affair. -- woman with a long history of financial problems who despite his denials says -- lavished her with gifts and cash. This is not something that I wanted to her -- -- I'm not a fun not a fun thing. Her name is ginger white. Late last night she told ABC affiliate WSB in Atlanta she wasn't surprised that -- denied the affair. I can't imagine him -- actually. Confirming. That's the name of the game again if the story began to unfold would -- provided the Atlanta fox affiliate with cell phone bills and text messages showing came up until -- September would contact her at all hours of the day and night one at 4:26. AM. I was aware that he was married and I was also aware that I was involved in an -- appropriate. Situation relationship. White said Sheehan kaine spent many nights together. The Ritz Carlton Buckhead and Atlanta and that she often travel to meet him wherever he was making public appearances. Always she said a gentleman and. Very much -- sure of himself. Very arrogant and then playful sometimes playing very. Herman Cain love Herman Cain. Even before the Atlanta TV broadcast -- went on CNN to deny the allegations of the thirteen year affair in a kind of preemptive strike. I acknowledge that I know enough about that period of time but the accusation that I have a thirteen year affair with her no there was no sex no. No no. Court documents obtained by ABC news show that -- accuser -- a single mother. Has a long history of legal and financial problems including an eviction notice earlier this month. I don't think that that makes me out to be a bad person. He makes me out to be one of -- millions of people right now that are trying to keep a roof over their head. The accusations come just two weeks after -- wife of 43 years Gloria. Made a rare public appearance to defend her husband and deny that he had ever strayed. His conscience were mobbing him and he couldn't look me straight in the act. In fact -- an ordained Baptist minister has made much in the campaign about his morality. And the need for everyone to do the right thing. They have somebody breaks that guiding principle they and they are going -- have to suffer the consequences is just that simple. He secures his accuser -- -- says -- sexual nature of the affair ended about eight months ago when king began his campaign run for president in earnest. She is the third woman to come forward publicly and fifth overall -- raise questions about mr. McCain's behavior with women. Cain says none of this will force him out of the race for president.

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{"id":15045879,"title":"Woman Claims Cain Affair","duration":"3:10","description":"GOP presidential candidate emphatically denies allegations.","url":"/GMA/video/herman-cain-campaign-hit-woman-claims-13-year-15045879","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}