Herman Cain Responds as Another Accuser Surfaces

Brian Ross speaks with woman who says Cain could be described as "monster."
3:02 | 11/09/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Herman Cain Responds as Another Accuser Surfaces
-- maintain the embattled presidential candidate held a -- press conference yesterday denying all charges of sexual harassment. Blaming them on a Democrat machine. And promise -- -- be pushed out of the race even as another accuser is now gone public with her charges ABC's Brian Ross spoke to her last night and joins us now. Good morning George -- is now day ten of the story with -- least four different women having made allegations against -- Including yet another who came forward to show her face and speak publicly. She told me last night that -- as a boss could be described as a month. There. Yet -- continued to call all of the accusers liars stronger than ever in his denials and defiance. And as far as these accusations. Calls -- -- to back all. And maybe. We'll draw from this presidential primary -- race. Ain't gonna happen. This is the latest -- accuser to identify herself. I'm Karen -- -- this was Karen across our eleven years ago serving as a spokesperson for the immigration service. Just after she filed her complaint against Herman Cain and left the restaurant association with a reported 45000. Dollars development. Overnight cross Howard told ABC news she had tried to -- -- -- the news for fear of retaliation by McCain supporters and now she is hired a security team to guard her home outside Washington. On Tuesday -- said there was nothing to cross -- complaints of sexual harassment. They were found to be baseless. And she could not find anyone to corroborate -- story. -- also dismissed the allegations of Sharon violent. Who said she was sexually assaulted by king fourteen years ago. He said he could not remember meeting my first response in my mind and reacts in -- I don't even know who this moment -- -- And came and understand -- violent with a product of a democratic smear campaign. Now the Democrat machine in America has brought forth a trouble moment. And of course last week -- blamed the rival campaign of governor Rick. We've been able to Trace it back. For that very campaign. That third this in order to discredit me. The larger question of course collected the allegations if true that he about a Kennedy -- Sexual harassment. Is a power move it is a demonstration. That you are more powerful. And you -- fuel superior to the person that you're harassing. Overnight the Associated Press reported that -- -- had filed a complaint with another employer for years after leaving the restaurant association. Alleging unfair treatment on the job. After she was injured in the car accident. Now she and Sharon by -- like say they want to hold a joint public appearance with the two other accusers so they can all tell their stories of Herman Cain. With a sense of safety in numbers Georgia that would be quite dramatic and certainly what OK Brian thanks for.

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{"id":14912894,"title":"Herman Cain Responds as Another Accuser Surfaces","duration":"3:02","description":"Brian Ross speaks with woman who says Cain could be described as \"monster.\"","url":"/GMA/video/herman-cain-responds-accuser-surfaces-14912894","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}