Cain's Wife on Allegations

In her first television interview, Gloria Cain defends her husband.
2:26 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Cain's Wife on Allegations
Now the Herman Cain and the sexual harassment allegations engulfing his candidacy. His wife Gloria speaking out of her first ever television interview saying the charges do not sound like the man she says she knows ABC's John Berman. As much more in sports. Good morning Robin you know. This is a big big deal not only have only heard from Gloria came during this swirl of sexual harassment allegations but. In fact she really hasn't been on the trail at all since Herman Cain announced she's making a high impact debut swearing. That Herman Cain respects when. -- -- -- Fearing the barrage of accusations about her husband. The claims that he sexually harassed for women and Maria -- is now breaking her silence he totally respects ornament. An interview with Greta VAN susteren airing tonight on Fox News this -- -- says she just can't see her husband doing the things described. Sometimes it. Graphic detail -- heat suddenly reached over. And he put his hand at Mandalay. Under my skirt. To hear such graphic. Allegations. And no -- it. That would -- something that was totally disrespectful. Her as a woman. That I know. That's not the person -- years. Herman Cain met Gloria -- when they were in college let's face it I was first attracted by her looks he wrote his book. When king decided to run for president she was nervous would it would mean for her family she was terrified scared to death -- wrote. -- campaign -- -- will Gloria Steve home. She also suffers from a serious heart condition she had a pacemaker implanted several years ago but the family remained strong. Even joking about -- different approach. Your mother said that -- father -- Fox much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now one example of this talking in an interview with GQ magazine -- was asked what he thought his opponent's favorite ice cream flavors would be. Romney -- says -- Rick Perry rocky road and Michelle Bachmann Cain says to any fruity. He also city -- would get in trouble for that -- I think you've -- are right John thank --

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{"id":14946958,"title":"Cain's Wife on Allegations","duration":"2:26","description":"In her first television interview, Gloria Cain defends her husband.","url":"/GMA/video/herman-cains-wife-gloria-sexual-harassment-allegations-14946958","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}