Hillary Scott on Balancing Motherhood, Music

Lady Antebellum discusses their new album and singer's newest role as a mother.
1:33 | 05/23/14

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Transcript for Hillary Scott on Balancing Motherhood, Music
How I love this group. Hilla Hillary, Dave, Charles. Always a joy to have you here. I cannot believe your little ones are going to be a year old in July. Yes. July 22nd, the same as the royal prince. Same day. And she is a princess, is she not? She is my country princess. I can tell that this is yours because of all of the bling here. And really tall, Charles. T the cma music fest. That's going to air on ABC, later, right? It's the best time to be in Nashville. All of the die-hard country fans all in one place. We love that. And loving this new music. Is this the fifth one coming up? The fifth record. We've been on the road writing and touring and had a huge batch of songs. And the last song we wrote was "Bartender" our new single. We've been out, feeling good. I was seeing girls when we were rehearsing, some girls singing. You want to hear it? Oh. Hey, y'all, thank you y'all again for kicking off the summer concert series.

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{"id":23840570,"title":"Hillary Scott on Balancing Motherhood, Music","duration":"1:33","description":"Lady Antebellum discusses their new album and singer's newest role as a mother.","url":"/GMA/video/hillary-scott-interview-2014-singer-balancing-motherhood-music-23840570","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}