Holiday Movie Myth Busting

Ginger Zee puts some classic movie scenes to the test.
4:47 | 12/18/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Holiday Movie Myth Busting
Many of us have a favorite holiday movie being a classic like it's a wonderful life for something a bit more -- like that sent them which is what rods into the or most of these movies never usually doesn't -- that -- know America. The common denominator a lot of these movies many of them have scenes that make you say that cannot possibly be. -- are you can't really do that right. So we wanted to do little holiday movie myth busting and we decided that the best -- decided. The best woman for the job would be our very own -- in Jersey ginger again this is all -- -- -- you hated this assignment. Ruling that -- hear that can't hate an assignment that gets his sledding and and gets you talking about flag poles sticking true to get -- -- We don't know that Santa Claus is real -- can cross that one right up -- list but there were few other things we definitely wanted to put to the text. In most holiday films you have to rely on the -- So I won't mind because it's no business here. But what police just doesn't cut it this holiday season. We decided to bring some cold hard science to those warm and Fuzzy holiday movies. Building elaborate traps from home alone. Legally able. But flying reindeer not gonna touch that one. How couple one -- that every one at some point has been tempted to try. -- -- It's perhaps the most famous scene in a Christmas store the grade schooler in the middle of a midwestern winter with his tongue frozen to a flag -- But can really happen. I set out to put it to the test. Yeah I'm not gonna do that but there another way to test pinch -- ten degrees Fahrenheit so well -- Take a wet finger and stick it. -- that it's definitely. Now let's break it down and Indiana in December 10 can -- well below 32 degrees and the time. It's much more moist and warmer than my fingers so much easier to freeze and get six people who have actually tried it and gotten stuck. In Indiana Oklahoma and Idaho and most of the needed the help of the fire department to give them free the holiday movie meant. Fix this isn't news -- Clarkson and faith. Kitchen from National Lampoon is Christmas vacation -- don't try this at -- kids I am a profession. Taking a simple -- -- and -- whole Lotta cooking grease and hitting lightning fast feet. This one I will. Safe under the supervision of Camelback Mountain resort staff in Pennsylvania. Pizza Clark Griswold to tax got a helmet all -- and I didn't know. First the control ride once -- no extra -- -- My time ten point four seconds. So can -- cooking spray launched -- at National Lampoon speeds. Part as -- says that he definitely smooth 500 kind of -- that. Is that a vapor -- of cooking spray and -- -- it and see if anything different. Doesn't listen to it. Oh my seven fly on -- thing. Will I hit that Clark Griswold speed Iraq. It works much time was cut by just over Saturday and while my ride was -- less this holiday movie minute trip. Don't try to home -- and professional. I believe that I. And it didn't feel faster and and we did you can tell multiple runs to make sure that it was all scientifically showed an and we talked to the physicist -- -- -- -- and he says that there isn't a little bit of an added. Help it kind of tech takes friction -- -- the water on top of snow for I think -- ice skating already does that. Only time question about the I have a friend you know life is never have to be -- had a friend and a Hindu pundits are not at all and how do you get that person off. You have to pour water on the top what warmer lottery -- don't scolding. In late -- incident in Latin night you're -- your -- my -- here.

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{"id":15182634,"title":"Holiday Movie Myth Busting","duration":"4:47","description":"Ginger Zee puts some classic movie scenes to the test.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-movie-myth-busting-15182634","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}