Holiday Surprise: One Family's Christmas to Remember

Soldier comes home for the holidays to make lasting Christmas memories.
3:00 | 12/25/13

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Transcript for Holiday Surprise: One Family's Christmas to Remember
Not everybody, obviously, is lucky enough to spend the holidays with their families. It is, once again, a time for us to thank the servicemen and women who defend our freedoms and are away from their families this holiday season. Earlier this year, then, I was lucky enough and humbled to spend some timith families separated by war and then brought back together, through these incredible reunions that we're seeing here. And we got a chance to catch up with all of them, yet again, for this very special holiday. They are as heartwarming as they are patriotic. Please welcome home -- Reporter: And whether they're planned. Or a total surprise. Are you freaking kidding me? Mrs. Bronson, reporting for duty. Reporter: They get me every, single time. Hi, baby. Mommy. Reporter: Military homecomings. Troops reunited with loved ones after months deployed at war. Daddy. Reporter: Today, in a matter of hours, three families are about to experience that singular joy. But to fully appreciate the sacrifice involved here, we wanted to trace back this moment, from both sides. In the weeks prior, we met with three families. Then, we went to afghanistan. To meet their partners. Jennifer stewart's husband, major michael stewart, is stationed in ghazni, afghanistan. At home, she runs a ship, and a tight one. With two kids. 2-year-old patrick, 6-year-old izzy. There will be a weight that is just gone. Reporter: Do you let yourself think about that moment? Oh, gosh, yeah. I'm more excited about him coming home than I was about the day that we got married. Reporter: Jesse and her husband, michael, a specialist in the army, had a baby boy, brantley, last december. Michael deployed to afghanistan just two weeks later. And that's army captain william lott, number 69, then at west point. He deployed with wife, brittany, was 15 weeks pregnant, knowing he would miss the birth of their first child. Daughter, finley, was born in july. That's going to be one of the best moments, in life. He's coming home. And he'll be safe. Reporter: And while their soldiers are on the front lines of war, the void can be exhausting and painful. No one is there to break up your day or your weekends. You know, going to church by yourself. Just you think about them a lot. Reporter: What are you looking forward to most about being able to say to him in person? I can't wait to tell him how absolutely certain and unquestionably thankful I am to have found the person that I am supposed to be with. Reporter: You were saying as far as comfort goes, this is sort of top of the line? Yeah. Reporter: Specialist fuller and captain lott are in harm's WAY EVERY DAY, CLEARING IEDs From afghanistan's most dangerous roads. How long do you pray for his safety? Every day. I pray for him every day. I assume that something happens every day. The gunners have to be scanning their sectors. Reporter: Do you think about the danger you're in every day? Anywhere you go in afghanistan, there's people trying to kill you. It hits home. I saw a body of a captain. I was a captain at the time. I looked down and said, that guy could have been me. Reporter: What is it like to have a normal way of life right outside the door? It's your protection. You have to trust it. Reporter: Knowing you weren't going to be there for the birth, what was that like? Pretty hard. I mean, you can't -- you only have the birth of your first child once. Reporter: So, I figured it my duty to bring a little surprise message from back home. Hi, sweetheart. We're so excited to get you home. We're counting down the hours. I love you. Reporter: How was that? That's good. I can't wait to be home. Reporter: Today is major mike stewart's 37th birthday. And I have a gift from his daughter, izzy. Hi, daddy. I love you. See you soon, honey. She's an amazing woman. They're always there for me. And the minute that stops, this job's done. Reporter: Big blue eyes. Cute. Hi, daddy. Hey. I'll see you soon. Reporter: What's that moment going to be like when you go home again? It's going to be blissful. I'll probably cry. I'm sure I'll get tunnel vision. Like everything will be black around me. And I'm just going to see her and my son. Reporter: Then, wheels up from afghanistan, bound, at long last, for home. It's been nine months. And now, that moment of joy and love and completion has finally arrived. Left, left, left. I cannot keep myself together. Reporter: And then, just like that, there's nothing that can hold a 6-year-old back from her father for even one more moment. Oh, my goodness. How are you? Reporter: And then, rightfully, it's her mom's turn. Hi, baby. I missed you. I missed you, too. Reporter: For specialist fuller, it's the tunnel vision he predicted. The search, as if in slow-motion. Until, success. There she is. Oh. Reporter: And for all they knew or really cared, captain lott and brittany could have been the only two in the gym. I'm a little rusty. You want to meet riley? It's daddy. It's daddy, sweet girl. Reporter: How does the couch sound right now? My couch? With these critters on it, I'd do anything for it. I love seeing him with her. It's the sweetest thing ever. Reporter: How does she feel? She felt pretty light. You know? New. And fragile. Reporter: Home, at long last. The purest joy this christmas morning.

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{"id":21333583,"title":"Holiday Surprise: One Family's Christmas to Remember","duration":"3:00","description":"Soldier comes home for the holidays to make lasting Christmas memories.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-surprise-familys-christmas-remember-21333583","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}