Holiday Treats: Keeping Your Calories Down

The Revolution's Harley Pasternak on how to indulge without putting on pounds.
4:08 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for Holiday Treats: Keeping Your Calories Down
Countdown -- -- by helping keep your calorie count down its -- it's hard to resist them your favorite holiday treats them Harley Pasternak from the new hit show. The revolution joins us with low calorie -- so you can indulge without the worry I don't have a project areas that we hit -- -- start getting married for having -- -- seen. Part of a family January 16 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- now let's start off this time of year there's a lot of we're vulnerable you know. Holiday season we like to indulge and we got a few things that -- our adult -- that we can find healthier versions of the first days. Whom to -- it was creamy spinach dip did you had -- before I have employed. Yeah it doubled and moisturizing people I'm telling you it's so rich I think it's got over 700 calories and -- and grams of fat per serving. -- -- And now you're over a thousand calories with those chips it's the equivalent I believe it or not 100 cups of spinach and I've never had spinach that so happy to win happened. Yes so I've got a healthy aversion here that I mean better leader right how. Half the calories. And it's delicious it's got artichoke hearts and it it's got fat free sour cream and and and fat fried mozzarella and it's so delicious and -- -- -- cut vegetables. Half the calories should I try it yeah please -- Culture it. Because right that I. -- -- Those who now we have -- Starbucks. And not a lot tastes okay -- This taking odd lot -- has over 600 calories almost thirty grams of fat and -- it's the equivalent. 48 ounces of skim milk and -- -- want a copy you're Larranaga. The largest largest -- -- you're ready through this giant bull had the same amount of calories as that one finally unlocked on Saturday saying why. -- -- Growing tango and Angola and no one in -- -- is as good TV is that imagine if that -- all so I've got a healthy version right here that made that has. Only a 190 calories -- it it's got 13 two or less the darling -- the towers. And look at that simple -- delicious yet -- -- you know that's loaded. That is that's a cold stroke -- -- -- moment. -- the -- the defense resembles. Yes and that has over a thousand calories out little thing here which -- the -- of ninety candy canes. Ninety's candy -- anyone can detain that they've got a laser and -- -- I wouldn't hygienic three government so what would you suggest how little -- -- currently Josh hi Josh -- -- If we don't -- Harley instead of that I took some fat free Vanilla. Yogurt and -- nearly and I -- Three of these little candy -- -- them up put him in and you get the same thing -- did it looks really doesn't come back continue that doesn't look not just. Comedy here anytime of the year the box has over thousand calories in -- hand. Not acceptable because it's equivalent. Forty -- -- popcorn. These visual really help people understand popcorn meant I'd rather have told -- don't -- for Kosovo problem can -- mean healthier version where it took. Whole grain macaroni. -- I added the package we have the package that comes in here cheese is mainly wheat protein it's actually healthy. And added that -- laughing counties and to skim -- And you have -- Green cheese. Without all the calories if fact it's got less than half the. The calories -- so we've been really good so we get a dessert Harley you get a dessert. Somebody got me here. In the cockpit area kick -- a great pumpkin pie this personal thanks to -- I think some of -- think is delicious. Well how would you would you believe that it is lending money to our houses our pumpkin puree with the amount of -- All liability by anyone here we've got a -- constructed -- -- eyewitness there French across to you and it has less than half the calories great way to go but we don't traces. You need to -- to the -- I love it. I'm really really I don't know how many of -- million yeah very good no -- payment. The -- pastries and -- He didn't think -- impressed -- through these look. Outreach -- Good Morning America but from -- got there.

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{"id":15204703,"title":"Holiday Treats: Keeping Your Calories Down","duration":"4:08","description":"The Revolution's Harley Pasternak on how to indulge without putting on pounds.","url":"/GMA/video/holiday-treats-keeping-calories-15204703","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}