Honeymoon Murder Trial: Dive Leader Testifies

Jurors heard key testimony from the guide of the fatal scuba-diving trip.
3:16 | 02/22/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Honeymoon Murder Trial: Dive Leader Testifies
The latest emotional testimony in the so called honeymoon murder trial of Alabama. Jurors heard from the leader of the fatal scuba diving trip. And the victim's sister Toni Toni co anchor -- -- Fargas joins us now from Birmingham with the latest on this Elizabeth good morning. Good morning Robin it was a dramatic and very very tense day here this Alabama court yesterday as the diver or -- organizer took the stand. To describe that final morning that final fatal dive by -- -- Tina Watson. Under -- bristling cross examination it became very clear that Tina Watson had no business being in the water that day. Then again. The man in charge of Tina Watson's fatal dive -- Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Admitted he had no idea -- the 26 year old newlywed had never dived in the ocean before. Her only experience was a handful of shallow dives -- with a guide in an Alabama pond. Did you ask whether she had any problems with -- certification. Which would have. Told you that -- -- -- In fact she had panicked under water while learning how to dive. Wade Singleton also admitted he violated diving regulations by allowing -- to take the dive with her husband of eleven days without a guy with some. -- happen gave underwater. You think he'll do anything. Position would hurt business and do anything to help and probably not. It was wade Singleton who spotted Tina lying on the ocean floor. And rushed her 100 feet to the ocean surface to give her CPR. Prosecutors also called teen is younger sister a -- debt to the stand. And -- and that's something that. There's been an accident that -- -- -- She told jurors gave never contacted -- Stanley to tell them what happens. And that he reassured her mother on the phone from Australia. That he stayed with Tina the forty long minutes that wade Singleton and rescue divers tried to save her -- promise -- all. That he -- -- her the whole time. In fact gable was on a different vote far from the frantic rescue efforts. But while prosecutors were able to raise troubling questions about gates' character and judgment. They have struggled to present any evidence that he actually killed her for money as they -- And when prosecutors tried to show that -- requested the funeral home for -- -- engagement ring was suspicious. The judge angrily dismissed them. The world that is paid for -- He here. -- -- the CE. The judge seemed to be rather -- like you guys today the prosecution. I wish we had gotten in the stuff that he ruled out but can't do anything that -- well. Prosecutors had just one more -- and make his case the judge has made it brutally clear in this -- he does not think much of the evidence that's been presented thus far. Incidentally the victim's father Tommy Thomas is in -- every day as I said seated with the prosecutors were right next to the jury box. He stands up with his hands clasped each time those jurors filed past him just inches away trying desperately to make eye contact with each and every one of them. Rob but I watched carefully none of them is looking at the victim's father and they walked past such an emotional case -- right Elizabeth thank you very much.

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{"id":15764534,"title":"Honeymoon Murder Trial: Dive Leader Testifies","duration":"3:16","description":"Jurors heard key testimony from the guide of the fatal scuba-diving trip.","url":"/GMA/video/honeymoon-murder-trial-dive-leader-testifies-gabe-watson-15764534","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}