'Honeymoon Murder' Trial: Judge Dismisses Charges

The judge decided the prosecution had no case against Gabe Watson.
3:19 | 02/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Honeymoon Murder' Trial: Judge Dismisses Charges
-- that dramatic and sudden end of the honeymoon murder trial done in Alabama. The judge dismissed all the charges against Gabe Watson say there was no evidence that he meant to kill his wife during that deadly scuba dive back in 2003. Gabe Watson's father standing by live for an exclusive interview the person -- -- 20/20 anchor Elizabeth Vargas wasn't even -- this trial from the very start. And you -- a sense it could end this way I did George but for eight and a half years Gabe Watson has lived with the tragedy of his new bride Tina's death. And the growing suspicion that it was he who killed her during their honeymoon while scuba diving. Now after seven days a prosecution testimony that case is dismissed for lack of evidence there is no appeal the state cannot try him again. -- Stanley says their nightmare is finally over. Things look good. -- Gabe Watson broke down in tears hugging his new wife -- -- he learned he is finally a free man. That's funny nails done that packed courtroom dismissing the murder case saying there's no proof Watson visited him. -- -- Duty to do. Dickey -- it's been an eight and a half year fight for Tina Watson's family they say they have no doubt Gabe Watson intended to kill their daughter just eleven days after their wedding. To collect on her life insurance. Something the judge said he was not proved in court. And appreciated. And it -- it is 60 -- Tina's father Tommy Thomas was the final witness for the prosecution before it rested its case. Speaking exclusively to ABC news Watson's mother described -- to hold this trial has taken on her son. We've only seen these images that have him in court he seems to be very Adam reserved. Doesn't show a lot of emotion that's his nature and that's typically the nature -- handling. You know we -- and -- it. Prosecutor Don -- exchanged heated words with the judge during the seven day trial. Watson already served eighteen months -- an Australian prison for pleading guilty to negligent manslaughter. Essentially saying that he failed to save his wife when she panicked. It was a day of relief to the Watson family but continued anguish for the victims. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was Tommy Thomas Tina Watson's father prosecutor Don Gillespie said -- -- 41 years of trying cases he had never had one dismissed before. He is extremely rare for a judge to do this. But after watching this trial in Alabama for several days I have never seen a judge be so dismissive of a case in the courtroom. And the prosecution's case did seem to be built on little more than speculation and criticism -- at gates' character. Many of us have been watching the trial and this judge George we're not surprised to see him dismissed -- each episode definitive -- Extremely dependent -- -- thanks very much.

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{"id":15781930,"title":"'Honeymoon Murder' Trial: Judge Dismisses Charges","duration":"3:19","description":"The judge decided the prosecution had no case against Gabe Watson.","url":"/GMA/video/honeymoon-murder-trial-judge-dismisses-charges-gabe-watson-15781930","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}