'Honeymoon Murder' Trial: Witnesses Take Stand

Elizabeth Vargas reports on the latest in the trial of Gabe Watson.
1:41 | 02/16/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Honeymoon Murder' Trial: Witnesses Take Stand
More now on that honeymoon murder trial down in Alabama game Watson is accused of cutting off his wife's air supply while they were scuba diving. He says his wife panic under water and then drowned. When -- when he anchor Elizabeth Vargas has the story. For the first time jurors heard Gabe Watson's account of what happened the day his new -- -- -- died while scuba diving prosecutors played his Australian police interrogation tape in court. We both realize in this -- plus strong. As we feel comfortable about it and the normally calm and focused Watson became emotional when he called learning attempts to save Tina had failed president. Pretty -- -- that it was the Australian police officer can -- -- was a first responder on the scene the date Tina died. She was still -- -- equipment at the tolling. Regulator and still even now. And mouth was still -- -- us. All of teen is diving equipment was working properly. But rather than believe -- story that Tina panicked underwater police testified they found his actions suspicious the focus his dive computer. A wristwatch like died monitor. Watson claimed it was sounding an alarm so he surfaced to fix it taking Tina back up with him. Prosecutors believe it was all a ruse to get her away from the other divers in the water and then turn off her air supply. And that that can piercing that -- -- key defense attorneys say because police failed to properly test that computer they didn't believe it could be an alarm when its batteries were improperly installed in fact. The manufacturer says it can be to -- condition but that's at the point George. When police began to suspect he was lying and that he in fact kill his wife and it wasn't an accident and -- just to make his case next.

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{"id":15676521,"title":"'Honeymoon Murder' Trial: Witnesses Take Stand","duration":"1:41","description":"Elizabeth Vargas reports on the latest in the trial of Gabe Watson.","url":"/GMA/video/honeymoon-murder-trial-witnesses-stand-15676521","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}