Honeymoon Murder: Victim's Best Friend Testifies

Elizabeth Vargas on the dramatic testimony in the murder trial of Gabe Watson.
3:12 | 02/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Honeymoon Murder: Victim's Best Friend Testifies
Latest on the honeymoon murder trial on Alabama you may remember Gabe Watson is accused of cutting his wife's air supply while they were scuba diving. 20/20 anchor Elizabeth Vargas was in the courtroom for some dramatic testimony yesterday the victim's best friend and she joins us now from Birmingham good morning -- -- Good morning George from the Alabama courthouse it was an emotional and difficult day on the stand here yesterday as -- Tina Watson's best friend in the two men who tried desperately to save her. Testified about her final moments of life. If they have maintained all along Gabe Watson that his new bride drowned after she panicked under water during a scuba diving trip. The prosecution alleges that gave Watson turned her -- -- deliberately in an attempt to kill her. -- the last time you saw tonight. At the reception. Tina Watson's best friend took the stand in Gabe Watson's murder trial to describe the terrible moment she learned the 26 year old newlywed was dead. Just eleven days earlier Amanda Phillips had served as Tina's maid of -- -- -- -- what happened. And Tina. -- started pain. She -- added things. And not that -- office space. Watson told Amanda by the time he replaced his mask his wife had sunk too far down into the water for him to reach her he said. Thought -- seeking more help. More good for -- That there. That I had -- -- And then also testified she was surprised -- -- and life for her new husband she wasn't that hot -- Getting her -- went to an attack that this woman at all Melinda Keaton was -- -- -- is bridesmaids. We surprised to hear that she was gonna try scuba diving. I was surprised she did tell me that it like freaked her out. That it did scare her she wasn't one and she did tell you about what she saw me -- it it just inmate Aaron easy. Prosecutors also called Adam white an expert who analyzed Gabe Watson's dive computer to the stand. Hoping to prove their theory that Gabe Watson descended at a leisurely pace. When he should have been rushing to help his dying wife. But upon cross examination white said it took two minutes -- -- to get to the surface. So innocent child we had a fairly rapid tests in -- service. But -- winner of the nutrient loss per game. The dive organizer also took the stand describing how he -- Tina lying on the ocean floor alone. He realized she was not breathing as he swam quarter Foley equipment -- -- flights -- our eyes open. -- -- -- -- as best friend Amanda Phillips also testified on the stand -- shortly after his new -- -- -- -- joked to her about her life insurance policy saying thank goodness it wasn't. Bigger otherwise -- be in an Australian prison right now the prosecution alleges he killed his new -- to collect on that smaller life insurance policy which by the way benefited her father. By the way George -- father Tina -- dad he's standing a foot away from this jury and every time they go in and out of that jury box they must walk directly past him. He's taking it very prominent role in an effort to get justice he says for his daughter -- OK it was a thanks very much.

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{"id":15756392,"title":"Honeymoon Murder: Victim's Best Friend Testifies","duration":"3:12","description":"Elizabeth Vargas on the dramatic testimony in the murder trial of Gabe Watson.","url":"/GMA/video/honeymoon-murder-victims-best-friend-testifies-gabe-watson-15756392","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}