Hot Air Balloon Pilot Saves Passenger's Lives

Video caught the pilot's final moments during a deadly thunderstorm.
2:16 | 03/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hot Air Balloon Pilot Saves Passenger's Lives
Now to the dramatic new video out this morning showing the final moments before hot air balloon pilot crashed in Georgia. As a thunderstorm blew landing veteran pilot kept this comment safely evacuated -- passengers saving their lives before trying to sell fifty -- you're with. What's more in the store and the video -- just scratching you know talk about heroism and grace under fire on -- We of the final chapter this morning in this stunning active selflessness. Five balloon passengers are -- this morning because of pilot Ed we stay in jail and now we've warned his fate is well. Okay here's easy to. As he inflated his balloon Friday's little did -- wasting no no these would be his final ride. He was taking five sky divers upward -- the weather hazy but not threatening. That would change. I didn't see any. No urgency in his voice something told maybe just the last point when they radioed back up and -- -- looks like it's turning into a storm it jumpers out and get there. A fierce thunderstorm came out of nowhere -- -- spotted an open field 4000 feet below in calmly told the sky divers. Get out the case. We got out president of -- -- we actually had a great time pot full of adrenaline it looked routine from this viewpoint but was anything but back in the balloon. Christina tried to survive by flying above the storm as winds picked up in lightning -- -- But he was caught in an updraft which skyrocketed in 181000. -- -- the air collapsing his balloon. Now we learned his body was found three days later eight miles from where -- passengers had safely landed on the ground. He said a couple of times he's like you know I you guys are lucky again now that you -- Spot for -- probably just landed down if anybody can pull off back to pull it off. -- -- was communicating a walkie talkie until his final moments the sky -- -- -- if they jumped even one minute later they probably would have been sucked into the store. One of the -- -- says he regrets not strapping in -- with him to jump but Christina was apparently intent on riding out the storm. In stating his balloon -- John but what -- selfless -- are right John thank you.

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{"id":15959820,"title":"Hot Air Balloon Pilot Saves Passenger's Lives","duration":"2:16","description":"Video caught the pilot's final moments during a deadly thunderstorm.","url":"/GMA/video/hot-air-balloon-pilot-saves-passengers-lives-deadly-15959820","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}