The Hottest Winter Coats for Less Than $125

Cynthia Bailey shares the hottest looks for cold weather at prices you might not believe.
3:00 | 12/19/13

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Transcript for The Hottest Winter Coats for Less Than $125
Send a big thank you to all of you viewers have been donating gently -- -- to your local Burlington stores as part of our warm coats warm hearts campaign. We have now collected nearly 151000. And counting since some of you out there might need nuclear -- because you've donated. That's five modeling reality TV star -- -- this morning with the hottest looks of this season. With prices that won't leave you out in the cold yeah. -- and these are three trend -- another all available early and get their special models yes yes very much so what first model here is different code red even -- -- -- -- -- Natalie of fat listen make time to volunteer in their schools and community back about -- little bit and talk about that that had a Angela's tri -- until. Who volunteers at her daughter's school and in community arts programs thank you by the way for just donating and why do you love this look. -- -- you all he can't go around the park apartments are always -- because it does warm and Fuzzy yeah but the great thing about this goddess it's bright bright colors it is very entrance season. You know we stood -- But -- -- -- a topical also Sarah Jessica Parker could be up you know seen about town. And markets get it circuit just apart darker so it down at Burlington and you can get this one for a very reasonable price how much as. Well that it's -- Carolina they have -- hundred. It is only 89. Dollar and thank you so much and that you put all of -- arrogant for joining us back -- Not -- is Christie. Chris Christie thank you for the donation and looked at Christie's also agree do better in mom of two young sons is proclaimed volunteer. The love Kraft doesn't addicted to help protect I was only about -- -- I love -- Eagles are great but normally you know you get them in black or navy. I love this and the -- why do this is just a great -- unless you know you can see celebrities like Jennifer Aniston -- these coats. And you can get them and also a bright colors as well bright colors again. On trends and you can also do it in the -- I love them into light and this is -- and that's indeed -- very very expensive this morning get upset about this let's not get thank you bet that he needed Burleson and -- -- get the -- for the low low price of 79 dollars and 99 -- looking ahead -- Thank you for all your hard work -- volunteer -- -- did not and they are fighting are not all come on out here. This is -- and a preschool teacher who also got first grade has a first grade daughter -- home. And finds time to work this summer camp as a counselor in donates her time the local YMCA thank you for the donation and you look beautiful and that could I love announced. But this -- called the Olivia Pope -- yeah slats a great unity secure Washington scandal with all the great -- on. This kind of spam list of women of any age a lot of times women of a certain -- like they can do the plants you can't -- the prices -- great. -- it's timeless and is beautiful. I like -- has little -- on -- idol I -- the charity and love and a skirt or pants let's get one final look at all of our models are great volunteers. Thank you again for the donations and everybody all of these cuts are available at Burlington -- And -- it is only a hundred dollars. -- 109 dollars and main points and so we want over the hundred but just how little bit to learn more another -- I think he's -- Good Morning America dot com -- -- Please consider donating -- so much to so many.

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{"id":21277171,"title":"The Hottest Winter Coats for Less Than $125","duration":"3:00","description":"Cynthia Bailey shares the hottest looks for cold weather at prices you might not believe.","url":"/GMA/video/hottest-winter-coats-125-21277171","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}