First Look at 'The Hunger Games' Trailer

Your first look at the highly-anticipated movie based on the best-selling novel.
5:30 | 11/14/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for First Look at 'The Hunger Games' Trailer
It's based on bestselling -- He's in -- Why the movie expected to be. Phenomenon is twilight and Harry Potter and -- on -- this morning only we have your exclusive video. We could do it's now. Take off from -- he catches -- period make it five miles. -- -- -- -- The time has come to select one could -- -- young man and woman could be on. Fenton -- trend in the seven people and -- -- 118. Yeah then -- once. Yeah. I don't. -- -- And I didn't really just an initial assault and this 24 of -- can only comes -- Can help you make you. -- -- Between the ages of twelve. -- -- -- This is the children. Sure -- remember. -- -- -- united -- way to assure them that they don't own me. I'm gonna die. Corn is still being me. Want to. Here's a. Hear me I can barely hear you. -- this it's it's amazing I mean like. To have such a great but I love you. That's a great book now remains a movie has such great support from the fans this is the best thing in the world we think it is about the box I know you and I were talking we both read Don yeah. While I -- this. Hunger for the -- the characters in the story so insisting that -- Ride you wanna know what happens a callous and and what -- -- had taken and and that world of the hunger games is so amazing it and its image of movies is the best parliament they're saying this is the big one for 2012. Hopefully yes hopefully at its sagging UI know you've been working long time -- is nineteen years old. Even exit from nine years is about nine -- the end but when you got this break. Did you did it resonate how big a break it was it did that is one of those things were ice Antonio Molina. If that makes sense like it's so -- -- you can't really wrap your head around it but walking on -- for the first time in. But being in district twelve -- seeing that kind of brought to light it's a great -- pieces -- this it's great that there's room. Are you ready for it I mean Robert Pattinson has been through it. You know -- eight we're ready to go to a different level I would imagine based on what -- say -- how. It's amazing image it's -- like -- data for so long and and to have such a great movie coming out and and to have people here supporting music it's so -- It's an honor to be part of that is that it's absolutely amazing life will probably change for you in terms of being able to glad you still -- -- sold so -- Toledo's it happens. I am and it's it's an -- part of an and I'm very humbled by the experience you stop and say hello -- your anti cyclist died here. You know I've ever had that -- have a job that I mean you know -- there -- -- make us all worth it together and you play Pete he's you'll get it about the tie Aaron he is amazed I've never read a book. And rattle of the Amarillo I love -- and I've never read a character's story that I. Connect with more than. Is PM so for me it was a very easy transition into the character all right well I love your energy I think these guys detail how. The. -- -- It's. I mean given up --

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{"id":14947652,"title":"First Look at 'The Hunger Games' Trailer ","duration":"5:30","description":"Your first look at the highly-anticipated movie based on the best-selling novel.","url":"/GMA/video/hunger-games-best-selling-novels-movies-14947652","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}