'The Hunger Games' for Dummies

Learn the vital details before diving into the latest pop-culture phenomenon.
6:50 | 03/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Hunger Games' for Dummies
As long as you have nothing bad will happen to you. Reporter: "The hunger games" is poised to be the next big film franchise. Built on the success of the three ls. A witty reality show overlay. Powered not by a male vampire or a boy wizard, but the girl on fire, katniss everdeen. A young woman as a main tarktar character, it appeals to boys. Reporter: What is "the hunger games "? Think survivor. Bummer, right? Until this blood, sweat, and fears reality shows gets bull's eyed by katniss. She's like the modern day, strong female character which we have been lacking in pop culture. These kids go in and fight to the death. Only one can win. Reporter: So why does everybody look so awesome? You're here to make me look pretty? Reporter: They get megamakeovers to look pretty. Everyone has a didn't take on what the capital would look like. There's a lot of excitement. So far, I think it looks fantastic. Reporter: What about the love triangle. When katniss shoots arrows, the guys quiver. The two most on her mind? Gale and peeta. They end up going to the arena together. She has to figure out how they can both survive at once. Gale, more the brooding type. The tall, dark, and handsome. She can held him anything and he can tell her anything. Can josh hutcherson measure up to his role as peeta? I don't think he's into short. He's built strong. They never said, he has to be six feet tall. Everyone has their own side for the love triangle with peeta and gale. It's about katniss's struggle to survive. Reporter: Who is playing katniss, jennifer lawrence, 21, stars as katniss. I volunteer as tribute. Does she look the part? And they changed her appeance. She's l everyone's like, wow, she is the part. Reporter: For "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. We're not going to have hearing all week long. You all know that, right? So gale, peeta. Don't you think? If there's a question, the blond or the brunette is there really a question? Come on, you're on my team, right? All the big stars will join us, including liam hemsworth. Five things you must know before you see t movie and recipes on the website. Food was a big part of that. They were hungry. What is up next?

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{"id":15952821,"title":"'The Hunger Games' for Dummies","duration":"6:50","description":"Learn the vital details before diving into the latest pop-culture phenomenon.","url":"/GMA/video/hunger-games-dummies-vital-details-movie-phenomenon-15952821","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}