'The Hunger Games' Premiere Draws Huge Lines

Blockbuster expected to rake in more than $140 million in its opening weekend.
2:27 | 03/23/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Hunger Games' Premiere Draws Huge Lines
The opening day -- hunger games -- part of this movie a small independent film not. -- fans arrested at theaters at midnight showings after lining up for hours and -- Cameron mathison checked in with -- excited fans can't do what. Are they saying that well there there's analyze I flew in from LA last night I went straight to the theater and and the lines to get in -- Exactly like the fight scenes in the movie but there was about the same level of emotion from fans you have been containing themselves. Their excitement for so long waiting. For this very day take a look. Yeah yeah. Hungry fans. And freaked out. For the most highly anticipated blockbuster of the season. The hunger games. You missed this problem -- should think I'm -- Seneca crane UT game -- I'm on the counselor and -- This weekend alone the film is expected to rake in a whopping 100. Forty million dollars already made eighteen million in advance tickets sales. And -- estimated your website sold ten tickets per second. Detectives. Hope gone. When we got it thank god that your -- -- out. Movies got -- all blood spilling action crazy archery skills a -- reality show overlay and even a -- trains. They hit the camera you -- -- over and over his sentencing this. -- -- are out. Hunger games is expected to join -- a recent mega movie franchise's all translated from popular book series like twilight and Harry Potter. But today as the clock struck midnight -- first fanatics got her -- Ripping up the -- for a huge weekend of moviegoing audiences. Now this movie has sparked a renewed interest in the sport of archer because of the main characters legendary skills with a bow and -- Josh I'll be given that a shot a little bit later. Be afraid be very afraid. Ladies trying it out. Everybody city's -- that was what wanted to look at what you. You can show you -- can't -- all -- -- you should. Happen and we have around eleven Aladdin. Getting text -- for people in the theaters. Last night and indeed they -- saying there was not an empty seat that was standing room in some theaters this is really just dropped now. --

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{"id":15985288,"title":"'The Hunger Games' Premiere Draws Huge Lines","duration":"2:27","description":"Blockbuster expected to rake in more than $140 million in its opening weekend.","url":"/GMA/video/hunger-games-premiere-draws-huge-lines-15985288","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}