Hunter Hayes, 20, Rocks on First Album

Country music's star discusses his self-titled album, single "Storm Warning."
4:45 | 01/23/12

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Transcript for Hunter Hayes, 20, Rocks on First Album
And you thought hot this was limited to our former segment hunter Hayes -- one of country music. Hottest new artists the twenty year old prodigy who played a bad legends like Hank Williams junior when he was just four released his first album. He plays every single instrument on it we're gonna hear the debut single storm warning. In just a minute but first let us welcome yeah. I'm proud -- -- -- -- lining up all night won't have nothing here you and you have it every single instrument on your home. Yet it it comes from a -- I use -- to have to demand among UI knew a couple of insurance and a little bit askew here. And Allen and finished writing -- song and I Holloway would get done as a pilot actually get them -- and so you just kind of get that going down it was fun -- it -- being a very honest process and I had a lot -- -- it you know just you just another way of letting us. Would get a lot of -- said about -- -- started at a at a very young age and already playing with some. Legends like Johnny Cash yet -- and to realize what's gone on this. I look back now out of -- -- that really happened to jazz and Johnny Cash Heckman junior. -- -- to -- a lot of people who are now my hair and it's it's just it's it's amazing to think about look back conservative I didn't so cool -- You are a true true talent you hearken back and some of the original. Country and so we are delighted to have you think everybody here those lyrics write -- yeah that's just in case you forget and it hit the puck.

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{"id":15420544,"title":"Hunter Hayes, 20, Rocks on First Album","duration":"4:45","description":"Country music's star discusses his self-titled album, single \"Storm Warning.\"","url":"/GMA/video/hunter-hayes-20-rocks-album-15420544","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}