Hurricane Isaac: Aftermath Causes Flooding, Tornado in Northeast

Isaac is still causing havoc as storm weakens on its way north.
3:00 | 09/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hurricane Isaac: Aftermath Causes Flooding, Tornado in Northeast
The last gasps of hurricane isaac are still causing so much havoc. And tropical storm leslie is a growing threat, as well. Sam has been tracking it all and has the very latest for us at the weather center. Good morning, sam. Good morning, elizabeth. And isaac, ten days after it started bringing rain to the coastline, we're still talking about its remnants. Look at the pictures out of the jersey/pennsylvania area. Thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, rolling through the area. There's likely inside that cloud, a funnel cloud or a tornado. Damage, plenty of damage. Trees down on cars. Power lines down. We have reports of power lines being ripped out of homes. That's exactly what you would expect as a tropical system starts to make its way east. There's a tornado over there. That's a tornado over there. Reporter: Just look at this dramatic video, shot on a cell phone by paramedic jeremy sutton last night in cherry hill, new jersey, in the height of the storm. It started to form. And it started to get windy. You felt that swirling wind. As it's starting to go, okay. We're going to follow this for a little bit. Reporter: Heather nielsen and her husband were eyewitnesses to a funnel cloud forming. We saw the funnel start. And the wind started picking up. He yelled to get in the house. And the whole house started shaking. And trees were flying. It was the scariest thing I've ever witnessed. Reporter: Soaking rains that never stopped. An estimated nine inches of rain in ocean county, new jersey, causing flooding. And in upstate new york, three inches of rain in two hours. A daily record rainfall, brought noticeable problems. These cars fought the flood. And the flood won. It's really bad. You can see the waves that the vehicle is making over the bumper. This is just ridiculous. You're seeing what I'm seeing. Now, look at leslie in the atlantic. The best way to show you it is tightening up. It's likely on its way to becoming a rrane. Here's the track the hurricane center has laid out for it. Look how close it comes to the u.S. Coastline. And it's likely the signature damage will be coastal flooding, beach erosion, and really rough surf, as it makes a path within 48 hours or a little bit more, right by the u.S. Coastline on a drive-by. Still something to watch closely.

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{"id":17158022,"title":"Hurricane Isaac: Aftermath Causes Flooding, Tornado in Northeast","duration":"3:00","description":"Isaac is still causing havoc as storm weakens on its way north.","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-isaac-aftermath-flooding-tornado-northeast-17158022","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}