Surviving Hurricane Sandy

From the Carolinas to Maine, people are stocking up on supplies to ride out the Superstorm.
3:00 | 10/29/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Surviving Hurricane Sandy
All up and down the East Coast people have been scrambling to prepare for this historic super storm. And ABC's Ron Claiborne is in Long Beach, New York with the latest on all of that good morning -- Hey good morning to you -- -- the waters are already rising and work. Still hours away from the worst or at this berm -- standing on this is going to be wiped out later today almost certainly and the the waters the flat rising so too waters who come over this Berman and too Long Beach and that is why people in this community of several. -- thousand. Are scrambling like people all along the path of sandy to -- last -- supplies while they can. If they -- -- sandy bearing down this traitor -- supermarket in New York people were lining up. It's as if many only finally realize the monster storm was about to strike I have no food at home. Some -- shelves were stripped bear we have battering -- a flashlight. People -- and tweeting pictures in Pennsylvania this entire supermarket -- cleared out. In New York to run on canned goods and big picture no bread no water. Only really long lines others filled up their cars and expectation that gas stations will be shutting down -- everywhere generators are -- hot commodity. -- -- -- -- You know it's time to have some back up. Wisconsin based company Jim correction tens of thousands of generators to try to meet the growing demand. And -- has increased product delivery to the stores and Sandy's packed with 96 truckloads of water. Eight truckloads of generators. And multiple unit of batteries flashlights and gas -- And Home Depot has had hundreds of shipments of bottled water flashlights and batteries to the east co baby -- -- all sold -- Stereo hereof Long Beach Long Island we met Neil Patel and his -- small convenience store. They're buying lottery tickets -- under the water milk snakes threaten supplies. -- -- figure that. -- -- -- -- -- What they're gonna need luck because this is a barrier -- on this low lying barrier island is now. Cut off from the mainland the bridges connecting it -- shut down the only hospital in Long Beach. It's close last night the nearest hospital -- six miles away. But -- -- sixty miles away we are isolated here until this thing is over.

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{"id":17588256,"title":"Surviving Hurricane Sandy","duration":"3:00","description":"From the Carolinas to Maine, people are stocking up on supplies to ride out the Superstorm.","url":"/GMA/video/hurricane-sandytips-surviving-superstorm-17588256","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}