Interview With Anna Watson

Young cheerleader talks about her quest to becoming a fitness model.
2:58 | 02/02/12

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Transcript for Interview With Anna Watson
Watson is here with us this morning to tell us more about. Her story and we concede that you have an injury here what happened and about a week ago -- -- -- -- -- -- tumbling past and this as a supplement that dollar time but I guess somebody hasn't -- enough and I was on into the passenger snapped. My killings and then -- -- -- -- -- you've been given putting your body through a lot I had an -- Let's let's talk about you turning down the 75000 dollar. Contract for them to be the fitness -- we -- that it was a difficult decision for you -- those that political and it was tempting at Drexel to get the agent can nominate mother kind of angles and try to make it -- As yet as possible but now I've got -- in the church and I've been in. The word my entire life and his reading material sensing that this is really not doing that got into the Iraqi like my body was treated oasis will be amounted to temple and is putting artificial things -- -- not coming. That was -- to -- and I'm edges reminds me of my stories high commodity Daniel story -- and the Bible and the king had all the -- command and he wanted to try to get him strong enough to going to war. And he offer them choice -- into a student dance you know me and my and then we're gonna do what the lord is -- studio. And then at the end of the thirty days and about stronger and healthier and more mentally tough and that the -- manhood. -- -- enjoyed that race isn't talking like that's kind of my story at the end of that might not -- -- I -- and out and I know about it. In the lord Dicey as police haven't you start all this -- -- this all happened. For what I've been enacted some of that out fighters on I did gymnastics and and I Tennyson and -- -- college. And I first and a school I would just do -- all the time that kind of leaves Jackson I realize a lost a lot of strength and muscle and so a trainer in Hawaii was like let me try weightlifting. So silent daylight and then an agency contact me -- -- -- -- on the size and strength and keep using this campaign so I just got an agenda is that what you might have been -- -- I haven't I hope to hear you say he used the word addicted and -- that is hitters something that happens to some. On the people then that's what you felt helped lead to yes and I think anything can mean addiction and I thought I just kind of put off an excuse exercising with healthy back I realize I'm. Some that you have become isn't a -- -- section -- announced two months and that's your message to young people especially when they'll let it become. The passion they can be we have to have ballots and I realize profusely and too far one way had just that's your life I was at Wendy's the balance be. Really my going to be in the Florida now that I'm a daughter became and I can save Baghdad's citizens -- sign up about landmines and realized in a matter what I look like I've been point 7525. Like you mentioned. -- satisfied until I realized that my dignity and my images and the lord how he created me. I am so it is refreshing for anyone especially -- person your your your spirituality anywhere -- -- -- it's very important to you you don't shy away from the one -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- University of Georgia I got gaga. But everything's going well other than that Kelly -- me as if you think about balancing everything has found peace I know that -- the what hasn't ring means means. Excited thank you very much you all the best in me here who has --

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{"id":15497041,"title":"Interview With Anna Watson","duration":"2:58","description":"Young cheerleader talks about her quest to becoming a fitness model. ","url":"/GMA/video/interview-anna-watson-cheerleader-fitness-model-15497041","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}