iPhone 5 Launch: Long Lines, Glitches for Apple Product

Excitement for Apple's latest smartphone is high, but some technical issues surface.
3:00 | 09/20/12

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Transcript for iPhone 5 Launch: Long Lines, Glitches for Apple Product
get their hands on it. We're among the very first to have it. It's right here. I have the white one. George has the black one. But it's not all -- there's security here. It's not all smooth sailing for apple. There's already a few glitches. And abc's matt gutman is at an apple store in miami, florida, standing with everybody outside, with more on that story. Good morning, matt. Reporter: Morning, elizabeth. The line heres around the block already. A lot of folks here have been waiting since yesterday. But the big buzz among the folks here is the new operating system for apple. A lot of glitches in there. Of course, some people not so happy about the charger. You have to buy a new one for this iphone. Are you ready? Reporter: The iphone 5 frenzy has begun. This morning in tokyo, hundreds surging. Apple co-founder, steve wozniak, was down in australia, finds two. I want to be a part of this big adventure, this big revolution. And this advance in society. Reporter: And in the u.S., from coast-to-coast, and in the heartland, folks investing serious time to get that new iphone. You can camp out in the forest if you want. I'll camp out at apple. Reporter: Overnight, the flagship store in new york, becoming a campground. Previous releases had violent clashes in beijing earlier this year. Becky worley was one that skipped the line and preordered the iphone 5 on the first day they were available, september 14th. Apple is pretty amazing building hype. It starts with secrecy. They leak a little information. Then, the big announcement. Then, iphone day, that's an event. Reporter: Apple announcing this week it has already sold 2 million iphones in presales. They started a $200, triggering another frenzy, in the stock market. The famed fruit stock topping $700. But as with some other apple products, there are some gripes. It requires a new charger. And some new kinks. The operating system ios 6, has dumped google maps. The result, is neighbors. The hoover dam, vanished. Spaghetti runways at airports. For some, even the itunes app failed to open. And this morning, there are entire websites dedicated to thes glitches. Apple says the mapping system is cloud-based. The more people that use it, the better it will become. A lot of folks have been waiting for 30 hours in line. They just want their phone.

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{"id":17287702,"title":"iPhone 5 Launch: Long Lines, Glitches for Apple Product","duration":"3:00","description":"Excitement for Apple's latest smartphone is high, but some technical issues surface.","url":"/GMA/video/iphone-apple-launch-long-lines-glitches-hit-stores-17287702","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}