Iran Agrees to Allow Inspections

Jake Tapper on the significance of Iran's reversal concerning military facility.
1:03 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Iran Agrees to Allow Inspections
You Begin again with this breaking news its nuclear showdown with Iran this morning -- now the Iranians have agreed to allow inspectors into a secret military site just southeast of the capital of Tehran. And for the very latest let's get right to ABC's Jake Tapper at the White House good morning to you -- Good morning -- this is not a nuclear facility this is. A military facility where United Nations inspectors suspect weapon is a nation is going on where they suspect. There is an explosives research and development facility just last month United Nations weapons inspectors were not allowed to inspected so the significance of this could be understated. In some ways in the timing is also. Very curious just comes just hours after the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu speaking before pro Israel group here in Washington. Said that none of us can afford. To wait much longer to stop. Iran's nuclear. Weapons program -- to stop them from obtaining a weapon and talking about how Israel would be willing to take action to defend itself so it is very interesting development in -- showdown.

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{"id":15856000,"title":"Iran Agrees to Allow Inspections","duration":"1:03","description":"Jake Tapper on the significance of Iran's reversal concerning military facility.","url":"/GMA/video/iran-agrees-nuke-inspections-secret-parchin-military-facility-15856000","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}