Reviver Offers Help for Town's Dispute with Sriracha Factory

Clothing deodorant wipe makers offer a year's supply to town who says factory's smell is everywhere.
3:00 | 11/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Reviver Offers Help for Town's Dispute with Sriracha Factory
So few weeks ago we told you about spicy -- if you -- in Irwindale California residents in -- dealing with. This knowledge comes -- rush factory that makes Iraq -- Josh loves. The company in the city have been battling because the residents in the spicy scent is overwhelming -- -- and toxic. So to help the residents from feeling -- they smell it outside the makers. Of this excuse me -- unaudited -- of the -- a European country the Pentagon on what. Public brothel too much -- So let's watch survivor -- -- -- who offered Friday to close the -- a year's supply of their whites. The word white grosses me out she but what are you that we can only speak can sign language -- it's all good citizens and so -- we ask you need to make yourself your clothing smell. -- that we can test out. And apparently there test a lot of -- you yet I don't view of her I don't want to do before absentee. Did he tell you take him up on the offer and tied the next survivor or regulatory record breaking while others -- kind of usually you know we're we are. Could but we're not reading political news we're we're breaking deodorant story story but this is so this is dealerships closed yesterday and -- I was roaming around myself before your -- rub it on your clothes are you running on your body and might never actually. But basically -- ran around outside at all sweaty goes out by like smokers across the street since turning. OECD NA analysis now of much better due to a cleaner I don't need to watch is -- Of them -- union there. I don't know I don't doubt out but I don't get this book -- Paris. Well they go to Doug alleles are you driver that's a nice at his -- -- knows you don't want yours or actions or accidental Larry know me sweet mother -- don't know who say. So nice -- solution and we we try to chip bridge. The world some here twenty unionized bank and an Alley about thank you thank you don't -- -- neighbors telling -- threat.

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{"id":20949914,"title":"Reviver Offers Help for Town's Dispute with Sriracha Factory","duration":"3:00","description":"Clothing deodorant wipe makers offer a year's supply to town who says factory's smell is everywhere.","url":"/GMA/video/irwindale-california-dispute-huy-fong-foods-sriracha-factory-20949914","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}