Israeli P.M.: Iran's 'Aggression Must Be Stopped'

Tensions with Iran have increased after the prime minister's comments.
1:28 | 02/15/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Israeli P.M.: Iran's 'Aggression Must Be Stopped'
New worries about Iran indeed and that's where we Begin we're gonna Begin with the FBI actually and Homeland Security taking new precautions this morning. To protect you people in the nation's largest cities it's all because of those bombings overseas this week. There have been linked to Iran just this morning tensions were raised even higher when Israel's prime minister accused Iran of destabilizing. The world. Saying Iran's aggression. Must be stopped ABC's Pierre Thomas joins us now with the security changes being made right here in the US good morning to you -- I just -- US officials worried that mounting tension with Iran may increase the likelihood of terror attacks here at home. ABC news has learned that FBI and Homeland Security officials. Recently sent a bulletin to 181000 US police agencies. It warns in Iran and its proxies like Hezbollah appear to be stepping up attacks around the world and could target the US. A particular concern Jewish places of worship in Israeli diplomatic facilities. Police in New York City Los Angeles and Philadelphia have quietly enhanced security. And top administration officials have held conference calls with the nation's Jewish community. To be clear authorities have identified no specific credible threat to the US but after recent terror plots uncovered in India and Asia. Possibly tied to Iran sources tell me US intelligence is on guard Josh one official was blocked he said there is concern over what Iran might do. If backed into a corner. Concerns that we will stay on top of -- Thomas in the nation's capital thinking.

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{"id":15626212,"title":"Israeli P.M.: Iran's 'Aggression Must Be Stopped'","duration":"1:28","description":"Tensions with Iran have increased after the prime minister's comments.","url":"/GMA/video/israeli-prime-minister-netanyahu-irans-aggression-stopped-15626212","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}