Italian Court Overturns Verdict of Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox is found guilty of murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher.
3:00 | 01/30/14

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Transcript for Italian Court Overturns Verdict of Amanda Knox
This is a special room. I'm tired and -- with -- breaking news from ABC news digital in another verdict in an Italian courtroom for Amanda Knox her third trial. -- in the 2007 murder of Meredith -- this is footage from her 2011 acquittal. Actually -- -- there you see that's from 2011 -- from Seattle and her Italian boyfriend were sharing an apartment with curvature. In the university town of Perugia Italy we take you now live. To the verdict that is happening today at this very moment in Italy. -- was stabbed to death Knox was first convicted in the case -- acquitted on appeal and tried again and this is what we're watching the verdict. In her latest case but let's and it didn't given. Martino quote. We knew that -- the second at the Cineplex and we did and ten indeed it -- from June. The -- his 28 years and six months of that and on and imprisonment description these -- that we attributed with -- -- different reason that they have to pay. 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Denny's it didn't meet daily stay look at CN that -- DE advocates that -- -- to donate money and commitment are supposed to. Who -- many feet and death for Hayes says. -- east India and you think that the David West is refuses beautiful among the many applicants from -- better equipped to Cuba and to. Yes it is alleged that a -- -- weapons and day it has been that it's too easy national view that possible. We've got me and he's -- he's -- -- must speak. Man that a candidate and -- documents and valuable foot PT boat. Expectation. And. Well. We've -- that there you have -- their verdicts in the Amanda Knox trial in Italy just taken place she is found guilty. Again of murdering her roommate Meredith nurture. They were both abroad in Italy BC's Alex mark -- joins us now from London Alex both Amanda Knox and her boyfriend Rafael to -- -- -- Found guilty she's facing 28 years he's facing 25. Was this expected. Yes obsolete just to some extent it was -- mean this was a long day it took about twelve hours for the lead judge -- you just saw. Two and the jury. Who you also saw next to him the way that it works in Italy there were two judges a lead judge. An assistant judge accompanied by six jurors it took them around twelve hours. To come to this verdict. Of around of 28 years for Amanda Knox in what is essentially the third trial for her and her ex boyfriend. Rough violate -- -- -- they were not in court Knox of course is at home in Seattle with her family. -- -- Is nearby but not in the courtroom we understand that he didn't want to attend because it was too stressful but what you are seeing perhaps there on the screen. Are the brother and sister of Meredith archer who was murdered in 2007. The court just now found finding them guilty of that murder. Not to mention draft Phillies let you tell was out of the courtroom of course he will be brought back and brought it to -- did not necessarily immediately. They are going to revoke his passport to make sure he won't -- but take us back a little bit. And explain how this is the third time around and as he said Amanda Knox. Have been able to travel back home to Seattle just take us through the tick -- of this case over the past seven years. -- the murder happened in November of 2007. And in 2008. In the first trial they were found guilty each convicted. Of that murder and sentenced to 26 years but then the appeals. And didn't 2012. The appeals court found them not guilty they were released. Knocks went home to Seattle so -- -- Remains -- Italy but then the Italian Supreme Court found errors lapses in judgment huge -- scathing criticisms. Of that judgment and referred the course back to. Two that appeals court in in Florence that we're seeing now that they've picked the trial had originally taken place. In Perugia and so this was the third trial mandated by the Supreme Court today after four -- they handed down they're guilty verdict. Sentencing Amanda Knox to 28 years in prison. And -- did send an email to the court asserting her innocence again she is nowhere near that courtroom -- -- back in the United States did they read. That letter to the court. Well she did send that email and in fact the reason that she gave for not showing up was what she called the universal problem. Of wrongful conviction there's nothing in Italian law that mandates. That the defendant show Watson she didn't come back because she's dead she did fear that this exact scenario would happen now -- -- -- Is in Italy his passport will be revoked it's unclear whether he'll be arrested immediately and of course. The big question now. Is what happens to Knox there is this extradition treaty between the US. And Italy but we are a long way from seeing. Command and not showing up again. In Italy in an Italian courtroom what's gonna happen now is that this this this conviction has to be passed up to the to the Supreme Court has to be verified they need to make sure that this appeal was carried out improper fashion. Then that has to go up to the ministry of justice they have to look at the treaty between. Between Italy and the US -- has to go through the attorney general. In it in the states we have what's called double double jeopardy you can't be tried for the same crime twice that doesn't exist in Italy. So we're a very long way from actually seeing Knox in Italy. If that happens -- -- it's a very very complicated process. Of course the US isn't exactly ready to just hand over an Oxford -- the same time they have these extradition treaties with Italy with countries around the world and -- Acting on them all the time asking for people to be referred to them. To be sent to them in the state so it's very unclear what's gonna happen and how long this process is gonna take. Irony BC's -- -- I thank you so much. For joining us from London as you have been monitoring this case and with us now. To sort through the verdict and some more of the legalities ABC's chief legal affairs anchor Dan Abrams. Down. It's a conviction. Amanda Knox is in the United States. And we are told that it's a process of -- -- a -- through first. What happens now to the -- and a. First of all let's -- -- the reaction of most Americans right now is what. -- Really how could that happen. So let's take a step back here and explain we are we are in this process. Amanda Knox is convicted at trial it's along would drop the LA so Machida. Then -- appeals court overturns that conviction Amanda Knox is released from prison she goes home. After she goes home the highest court in Italy says wait a second the appeals court -- this -- wrong. They messed up how this case should have been reviewed. They send it back to the appellate court for what is effectively now the third trial. She got the first trial you've got the appellate court trial you've got the Supreme Court sending it back to the appellate court for a new trial. That's what we've just seen this new trial the appellate court saying Amanda Knox. And dropped Ellison solitude -- are guilty now. The problem for for for Knox is that. This this Supreme Court still asked to review this decision but this is the same Supreme Court that basically said before. Go back to their review this because we think it messed it up when you quit either so it's very likely the Italian Supreme Court is going to affirm. This decision. And then things are gonna get very interstate because I think it is very likely. That if the Italian Supreme Court affirms how can they not asked to have -- extradited meaning they then have a convicted. -- -- On the books. -- they will then I think have to demand be extradited. The question will be will the US ultimately agree and I think there's going to be a big fight here. Over -- they're going to be a lot of interesting legal questions and I think most here believe it's unlikely. That you'd be extradited but I would not completely rule it out. We all think about double jeopardy in this country it would never happened that you would be. Has convicted -- quit it and then retried -- that come into play in terms of her extradition that's. It'd be the key argument -- -- in the Italian system they don't allow double jeopardy either but they would say. This wasn't -- final judgment. When she was acquitted by the appellate court it still had to be reviewed we have a different system we require review before a final decision is made. So they would say there is no violation of double jeopardy. Amanda Knox is lawyers will argue in this country the minute an appellate court says you are not guilty and -- you to be innocent. The case is over so. There is where this two systems differ that we'll certainly be one of the key arguments from Amanda Knox -- team and she will have an enormous amount of support. -- in terms of the American public. As she pursues this -- case both through diplomatic and legal channels. Now without going into that all of the details of this case that happened back in 2007 there is someone already in prison. Tried and convicted in this case someone who did not have a strong association with Amanda Knox and her boyfriend. And that is rooting today who we see right there. And is -- one of the key pieces of evidence I believe is that he says they were in on F. But it doesn't seem overall that there was much physical evidence in this case other than his testimony. Well look that there was an enormous amount of physical evidence against him. And his story changed over time as to whether they word they weren't. Involved. -- the problem is four. -- for this case. Is that you can argue. That there -- a lot of inconsistencies. In what Amanda Knox and her ex boyfriend said about where they -- that night. You cannot argue that there is a lot of reliable. Physical evidence against her -- them in connection with this case so. That's the difficulty here I think he's in separating out what's -- the hard. Reliable. Physical evidence they have against them. Verse is what is the evidence that they have that might suggest that may be they were in the house that night. As opposed to -- at his home as they -- All right well you know I don't know if we know the answer to this at this point but Amanda Knox somewhere. Presumably in her hometown of Seattle watching the verdict come down the issues the potential for extradition. -- contact with law enforcement's addition need to place a phone call yet -- she stays close to home she's just free and clear for now. And -- -- supreme court of Italy's so again if you view this is kind of a middle tier ruling. Once the supreme court of Italy affirms. -- she's got to start thinking long and hard about how to deal with this legally. Until that happens nothing's gonna happen to her but as I said before that's the same supreme court of Italy. That looked at a previous acquittal and said none had a no go back in retry this I think it is very likely. That the high court of Italy will affirm this decision. And then Amanda Knox and her legal team and her family are gonna have to get together to figure out how to deal it's one thing will be for certain. Will be that she won't be able to travel in Europe. -- -- not that that's really a particularly big deal. But if this is affirmed. The question of extradition is going to be a very interesting one there will be no question that if she were to ever go back to Italy's you'd be arrested. All right ABC news chief legal affairs anchor Dan Evers thank you so much for joining us -- -- -- thank Alex Marc -- has been monitoring this trial from London. Thank you both you've been watching ABC news digital special report Amanda Knox. Found guilty yet again in an Italian courtroom the American citizen. Bakken the United States tried in absentia. Found guilty and now faces 28 years in an Italian prison if she's indeed ultimately. Extradited. On -- Hernandez in the Arctic for joining us.

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{"id":22304287,"title":"Italian Court Overturns Verdict of Amanda Knox","duration":"3:00","description":"Amanda Knox is found guilty of murdering her roommate Meredith Kercher.","url":"/GMA/video/italian-court-overturns-verdict-amanda-knox-22304287","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}