Cruise Survivors Blast Captain

Robin Roberts talks to Benji and Emily Smith, who narrowly escaped the tragedy.
4:09 | 01/16/12

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Transcript for Cruise Survivors Blast Captain
Joining us now are -- and Emily Smith they were all Macs ship on their honeymoon and it's so good to see you both this morning. In Rome Benji can you tell me you win you knew something was wrong. Vote. It started tilting. Slowly. And we felt that this. You know the hole gravitational shift on the -- And then things started falling off the shelves and and the TV started sliding off its shelf and. -- then the lights flickered off and back on again and at that point. We didn't. We thought if nothing else but -- our life jackets and get out of our cabin and move up to -- to the the fourth deck which is where the -- time. How did you go about getting. -- your cabin and on the deck. There was screaming. Children crying. A lot of confusion there where -- crew members. We said we have everything under control. -- just be calm don't panic. There wasn't any information and the official announcement from the loudspeaker didn't come on for. Twenty to 25 minutes from would be my guess how. We waited people speculated that we didn't have any information for quite some time and. Even at that point. The announcement said. Attention crew members there has been an electrical fault and generators we have it under control our technicians are working on the problem. Please be calm. And everyone knew that this was nonsense because the boat leaned into the side and since when does an electrical problem problem caused the boat itself it. And I understand that you fashion that a rope we had to improvise there was no more instruction know who was telling us what to do. -- -- -- was leaning more and more and more -- another passenger found the road and then we tied knots in it so that we could use it the latter. It's it's just amazing that you all are doing this on your own that there is no crew members there was a press conference this morning and it was -- but the captain. Use of unapproved and -- authorize maneuver. Being too close to shore like that so it does appear that there was indeed human error. With the captain he's also being criticized of course for leaving the ship before everybody else was off what would you like to -- to that captain this morning. What a -- -- you lack people who left behind the cool and left behind. We're not related to each other by anything we were helping each other to. To get out of there and stay alive and he who is responsible for all of us -- left. That's all I can say and people just cannot believe that he's trying to not. We feel like that there. Costa cruise -- is trying to -- -- nine try to make things sound like it's all his faults yes it is his fault but it's not the end of the story. -- -- But while we were there is holding onto this rope for three hours. We were waiting for leadership we were waiting for someone to tell us. Come over this way do this the boats will come over here. There will be. -- It to get off the boat safely you have to do this don't jump in the water. We have to make this stuff up ourselves because no one helped us to do that so when we saw someone. About to jump in the water with no -- and -- know the water's too cold. Come back come back but couldn't prevent everyone from jumping because some of the people were just as scared as we newer and they didn't know we're leaders. And from what we saw. It was every -- for themselves and people. It's just jumped into the light -- turns but there's some shopkeepers who stay behind to help. But the main thing is no one knows how to -- because they were never trained. That is to cruise line's fault -- in -- thank you for sharing your story with us this morning and we're glad you're safe -- that you're coming home please take care thank you.

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{"id":15369940,"title":"Cruise Survivors Blast Captain ","duration":"4:09","description":"Robin Roberts talks to Benji and Emily Smith, who narrowly escaped the tragedy.","url":"/GMA/video/italy-cruise-ship-survivors-captain-coward-15369940","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}