Jaime Pressly Plays Fired Executive Forced to Live With Her Mom

Emmy award-winning actress discusses role in new comedy series "Jennifer Falls."
2:47 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for Jaime Pressly Plays Fired Executive Forced to Live With Her Mom
Jamie Presley has a new comedy on the small screen in Jennifer falls she stars a high-powered school hit who loses her job and forced to move back with her mom and joins us. Jamie, thanks for being with us. Thanks for having me. Your selfie moment when we decided to open our mouths for whatever reason. Yeah, it seems as though every selfie I've ever done my mouth is wide open. I do think like we were discussing it gets rid of all the wrinkles. You look much better that way. I'm going to do that now for every self if I. A good tip. Let's talk about your character. She has to go from being an executive to moving back in with mom. A perfect setup for a comedy. Yes it is when your mother is a therapist who doesn't listen to you so it's -- the whole -- all the way around Jennifer feels like she is the only sane person and the most insane place. But at the same time she's very humble because she goes from being really successful to losing everything and starting over again which I think a lot of people can relate to because with the way the world and the economy has been in the last ten years, that's happened to a lot of people so it's a pretty relatable especially being a single mom. 16-year-old daughter and trying to keep her happy and figure out how to do it all over again. Soups serious but it's actually really funny. It's really funny. We have some questions from your fans from Facebook. Our first one, Michael says, Jamie, love you. Pie question is do you still keep in touch with any of your co-stars from "My name is earl." I do. We cast Ethan who played earl yes brother is my brother on the show. Nobody better to play it, the role, than him because it's five strong women and one guy and he actually in real life lived with five women, his wife and four daughters. Another social media question for you on Facebook. Cindy louhoo asked what made you want to go into acting? First role that made me feel like an actress was probably -- it was, well, one of my very first, it was the ringmaster, the springer movie, the first time a director actually let me do my thing. That's nice. Let me go. I would say "My name is earl" is the first time and at that time I had been in the business for 12 years but I think that was the first time that I actually had somebody believe in me so much that he wrote for me and let me kind of go as far as I could and I'll say you are only as good as the people you stand next to. As I am on "Jennifer falls." It premieres Wednesday, June 4th on TV land. Coming up next, Alyssa Milano and the ladies from

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{"id":23954984,"title":"Jaime Pressly Plays Fired Executive Forced to Live With Her Mom","duration":"2:47","description":"Emmy award-winning actress discusses role in new comedy series \"Jennifer Falls.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jaime-pressly-interview-2014-actress-plays-fired-executive-23954984","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}