James Carville on Iowa: Ron Paul a 'Real Threat'

Democratic strategist handicaps Iowa caucus days before voters cast ballots.
4:08 | 12/30/11

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Transcript for James Carville on Iowa: Ron Paul a 'Real Threat'
Let's bring in democratic strategist and GMA contributor James Carville James good morning. The -- morning. So let's Begin with the man who's giving Mitt Romney the most run for his money in Iowa and that is Ron Paul -- New Hampshire newspaper yesterday called him quote a dangerous man who spouts nonsense. Is Ron Paul a one state wonder. I don't know how many -- the one -- he can do -- he can keep going he doesn't need to win to raise money he's not the confines of this out of traditional campaign he's going to be around for a long time. And Romney's very Smart the ways talent right now is not attacking and too much because he knows if -- people on -- is a third party that that would hurt him in the general election so. The smartest candidate to have an -- -- kid glove he repeated the real threat out there gentlemen general. But our our Ron Paul's remarks on foreign policy hurting him at all I mean he when he says things like. Iran has the right and should close the Strait of Hormuz because at US sanctions against Iran are unjustified. -- we'll share to -- extent they -- not accept a large number Republicans but the people ought to support him here and here are two things number one he has he want us out of all -- and number two he wants to legalize drugs. And thirdly to some extent they hear some talk about the Fed to print money. So that's what that that that's his message there's breaking through with what without a lot of people particularly younger people. I -- that parents don't Meola Tommy can't wait market action if Iran policy in and I think that's to -- why yes you've got totally unacceptable to the Republican Party establishment he's totally unacceptable to. A wide number Republicans but he he don't you don't need 20% to 25% to cause a lot of mr. -- that I mean a lot of it. Are you all surprised by Johns have reporting on -- with this latest poll showing -- Newt Gingrich slipping out to fifth place I mean this sudden second precipitous drop for him in the polls. Actually not too much because the history of this thing it didn't want somebody starts to slide if -- If it was. Perry if it was Herman Cain if it was Bachmann if it was anybody want to start to slide you you kind of tells us now that -- little -- -- that is to come back out. Heat when he inside he back he -- it to have a rotten. And and what he got high it anywhere in Baghdad that he went back down becomes thought it would not very much he -- up in -- he shot back down accounting inverted V current -- if you go. And what do you make of this bizarre dust up between Michelle Bachmann and Ron Paul's campaign where Michelle Bachmann campaign manager defects she accuses the Paul campaign of writing him. Well let -- in politics if you're a difficult person. And Richard gonna win people will stick with you are if you pleasant person and you gonna -- people leave -- She's had this problem for a long time of them they had Rollins quit she's -- in -- people congressional senator can't thank. My guess is is that she's a difficult personal work far and she's gonna lose and that's cause and cost her a lot of grief over the course of the campaign and continue to cause -- -- There have been a number of polls recently that have shown that -- Mitt Romney is the nominee that he might have a chance a good chance of beating President Obama how much cause for concern is that for the president. Or they get locked out I think the president is people that this person lot of acted out in a very difficult thing if you look at copies of -- -- right -- united front presidential rule. It tells him but tough battle but. On a -- -- have it it seems to be gotten somewhat that are over the last couple of months. And there are also aware that the demographics going to be much better for them in the presidential unit -- 2010 so. -- today it's always going to be difficult what is it to little more hopeful now for President Obama was a couple for months ago my guess that take themselves and that. And finally very quickly James -- and labor secretary Robert Reich and ended in controversy yesterday by saying that President Obama predicting President Obama with. Take Hillary Rodham Clinton as his running mate in this next election what do you make about thirty champs. I don't know but I I know one thing that doesn't make one Hillary Rodham Clinton very very -- and all this talk about at -- some other op Ed piece and look she's worked for president she worked with with the vice presidency very -- diamond I suspect -- should appreciate dollars speculation so knowing that -- actually an idea that's the case I'm kind of back off from it about obviously think the world of if you make a great contribution anything. Hi James Carville thanks so much for.

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{"id":15258816,"title":"James Carville on Iowa: Ron Paul a 'Real Threat'","duration":"4:08","description":"Democratic strategist handicaps Iowa caucus days before voters cast ballots.","url":"/GMA/video/james-carville-iowa-ron-paul-real-threat-15258816","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}