Japan Tsunami: Tons of Debris Headed to U.S.

Houses, boats and cars make up more than 20 million tons of debris near Hawaii.
1:30 | 10/25/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Japan Tsunami: Tons of Debris Headed to U.S.
We all remember that earthquake and tsunami that happened to Japan back in March -- but what no one has been talking about until today. There -- about five to twenty million tons of debris that washed off the coast Japan into the ocean. And now that debris as the ocean flows is watching right toward -- YE. And the western coast of the US. Houses boats. Cars an entire neighborhoods pulled out to see the dramatic images seen in March when a devastating tsunami hit Japan. And now all of that debris is on a direct collision course with the Pacific coast of the US. Up to twenty million tons of garbage possibly toxic floating in an area estimated to be. Twice the size of Texas. And it may be coming sooner than expected. Across a wide Pacific -- average drifter and 85 to ten miles a day. Early computer models predicted that debris wouldn't hit the US for about two to three years. But a Russian training ship following a map of that model hit an extended field of lighter debris carried by the wind. 300 miles ahead of schedule just off the coast -- -- 17100 miles from Hawaii. These new pictures show what the crew found once they hit the 1000 mile long massive debris. Look at this battered fishing boat marked Fukushima ground zero for the earthquake and later tsunami. They sailed through everything from appliances furniture televisions and anything else that could have possibly floated away that day now headed straight for Hawaii.

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{"id":14808553,"title":"Japan Tsunami: Tons of Debris Headed to U.S.","duration":"1:30","description":"Houses, boats and cars make up more than 20 million tons of debris near Hawaii.","url":"/GMA/video/japan-tsunami-tons-debris-headed-us-14808553","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}