Sudeikis: 'Don't Know' If I'll Be on 'SNL' In Fall

"Saturday Night Live" star Jason Sudeikis discusses hit show's future, role in animated film 'Epic.'
3:57 | 05/23/13

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Transcript for Sudeikis: 'Don't Know' If I'll Be on 'SNL' In Fall
sudeikis. He keeps us laughing every saturday night. Not here to tell us about a brand-new film epic. He played bomba. He is dedicated his life to studying a civilization of wee little folks that his characters actually never see and his daughter m.K. Reconnects with him, doesn't buy the story about a mistearous community. I think you know where we're going. Take a look. Well, these little guys are a big part of the ecosystem, the engine, if you will. Here. You have bat sounds on your ipod. But I was trying to identify the frequencies that draw bats to gather with their own kind and guess what I heard. Voices? Yes. Awesome. He joins us now. I have to point out, I want to be a big star because you can rock the classic jordan and the nba socks. Those are hot. My plan b. My plan b. My fallback career. Let's talk about bomba. You haven't called him absent-minded professor but over-minded professor. Tell us about the character. He's a little bit different or possibly similar at certain times in my life where you have so much going on in your head that to articulate it all quickly is pretty tough and so he's just constantly got -- ruminating things going on. He has this gut feeling about this tiny little civilization that you referenced in the intro and find out through the movie and in the trailer that he's right, but, you know, nobody near and dear to him knows that. I dig that. A man of science operating on faith which I like and I liked that they actually called you for the role. When you took the call, I must be going to play a funny character. I would have assumed, yeah, no, I mean, chris wedge, the director, the guy, you know, had this all in his head and has now shared it with us through animation, yeah, but wanted -- I'm more -- you know, chris o'dowd and aziz carry a lot of the comedy in the film and my guy actually is, you know, like the father figure like very sweet and very endearing. I get to channel my inner jimmy stewa stewart. Where do you channel it from especially given the dirty little secret of animated flips, you might not meet the other stars of the film until well after your work is done. That is case. Amanda seyfried flays ply daughter and did not meet her until the premiere, the other day, saturday. I was pulling from, I don't know -- I don't know. My own father, I guess and probably like a little bit jimmy stewart and, again, chris, the director is really -- knew what he wanted and I would bust his chops about it being loosely based on him so there is a fun give and take about that. Want to address some -- with the new -- the season of "saturday night live" now done, there are cast members moving on. Your name has floated out there. Can you tell us about your future. Yeah, I mean, bill aand bill are leaving. You never leave "snl." It's like the mob. You know, it never leaves you. You never leave it and we've got a great godfather in lorne michaels and, you know, whether I'll be working there or not, i don't know, if the fall, but, yeah, it's, you know, it's a hard -- good-byes are always tough at any level but that show really -- it's like battle, it's like war. Very quickly, the forever hello you're about to have with your fiancee. The wedding plans are where? They are -- we're planning to make plans. Yeah. There's a wedding planner planner. That's a racket. The wedding planner planner, that's a -- whoo. One tiny hint. Yes, dear. I'll let her know that's what she should do. A phenomenal movie. "Epic." Opens nationwide this weekend. Coming up the always lovely trisha yearwood dishing on some

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{"id":19241339,"title":"Sudeikis: 'Don't Know' If I'll Be on 'SNL' In Fall","duration":"3:57","description":"\"Saturday Night Live\" star Jason Sudeikis discusses hit show's future, role in animated film 'Epic.'","url":"/GMA/video/jason-sudeikis-snl-exit-actor-interview-dont-ill-19241339","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}