Jennifer Garner Dishes on Role as a 'Magic Mom'

Actress discusses her role as a mother in 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green.'
3:00 | 08/15/12

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Transcript for Jennifer Garner Dishes on Role as a 'Magic Mom'
Jennifer garner is an actress, a producer, a golden globe winner and supermom. That's a fair title to add. But as cindy green, in "the odd life of timothy green," she has a little magic on her side. Welcome to the lovely and talented jennifer garner. Thank you for having me. You play cindy green. She is a woman who is having a tough time having a baby. In fact, she's told she cannot have one at all. Since you've become a mother of three, you've gotten pickier with the roles you've chosen. I think I get pickier with every baby. It's that much harder to leave home. I don't know what will take me away from the crazy kids. With this role, there was no chance I wasn't going to do it, if I ghe job. I had to fight hard to get the job. I was so thrilled to get it. I loved every minute of it. We're going to show a clip of it. There was a freaky thunderstorm in the house. And you had buried a box that you were putting together, of what your perfect child would be like. Making a wish list of sorts. Let's look at a clip from the movie. Almost to a fault. Yes, we have a winner. Yes. How great are you picturing? You are terrible at talking. Not true. I was a big klutz. Okay. How about this? Just once, our kid -- oh, man, our kid, got to score the winning goal. Oh. Yes. So free. That's our kid. I feel like you have screamed at a few soccer games, maybe. I was -- out pops timothy from the ground. Yes. It's interesting because you're a little anxious about being a mom all of a sudden to a 10-year-old. You're a helicopter parent in the movie. What kind of parent are you in real life? And how did you apply that to the role? It shifts as you go along. With my first, I was a helicopter mom then. By now, I'm much more chill. Even with just a baby stage. But I can imagine, if a 10-year-old appeared out of nowhere, and you had all of this energy you wanted to put towards having a baby, you would be all over that kid. And it's funny to watch cindy make a mess of it. You just had a baby. How old now? Sam's 5 1/2 months. Your household has to be crazy. Every household is crazy. It's nursing in the middle of But -- well, that is an added complication. But life is good. We get it all done. It's a lot of, mom. When this one can say momma or mom, I don't know what I'm going to do. There's never going to be a moment when someone's not yelling for me. When he's out of dpiapers, it will be better. What about a fourth? I know ben was talking about it. Everyone is joining the battle with ben and my daughters to have a fourth. I -- I don't know. Now that you brought up this movie, you have other projects in the works, as well. Tell us about that. Well, "butter" is going to come out in a couple of months. It's a movie I produced and am in. It's the other side of my personality. A little bit nice. And butter's a little naughty. It's subversive and dark humor. "The odd life of timothy green" opens today. Everyone will love it. My family liked it last night. Thank you so much. Coming up on "gma,"

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{"id":17009855,"title":"Jennifer Garner Dishes on Role as a 'Magic Mom'","duration":"3:00","description":"Actress discusses her role as a mother in 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green.'","url":"/GMA/video/jennifer-garner-interview-actress-dishes-role-odd-life-17009855","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}