Ferguson Discusses 'Modern Family' F-Bomb Episode

Jesse Tyler Ferguson chats about show, "Fascinating People" honor.
4:27 | 02/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ferguson Discusses 'Modern Family' F-Bomb Episode
Jesse Tyler Ferguson from modern family who is freaked out by LB Channel 8 daily if you could see at home and how insane it is here right now perhaps it's lies Mariah -- she -- is -- Forest being erected over here that it's insane there's only able -- -- to insanity. This is more than expected in. The -- car and that it could -- the subpoena right now. We're so glad you could be part of -- and what a year again. You are having yet -- sag awards again Golden Globes with the thing that -- at all. 2011 -- we'll have Barbara walters' most fascinating people I mean that's insane. That's an insane Banc one half fascinating person there -- -- -- the separately were very mundane but apparently together or fascinating -- yet I was crazy you know again. Pulpit now. I think it got it it I I was I was stopped at a red light protect me now I do not somehow -- -- Now Barbara does not limited to I don't think she composes the amount yes it's called -- -- okay. Nobody was it was an it was an insane insane offer benefit premiums and there was like a -- like do you want to do it right of course of course you wanna be accepted as. As a fascinating person by -- -- we're so -- he still comes back scenario I am still very grounded in the past that this. It doesn't totally fascinating. Love the whole season this year I was saying earlier in it's totally gets a pushing the envelope. Oh yeah that more out every week on modern fan we were watching last night last week's episode. Again where. You -- suffer little celebrations and put Claire and fail to have a little too much to drink and she decides to help. Can have a baby gap. I would be -- He'd always. There's one thing I have learned to tell me it's the pressure -- shares seventeen. Both. Both of you -- had asked you how many -- -- And something else. And this. Won't she takes some miracles. -- -- -- oh Phil I don't. When he worries me about this and McGraw everybody. -- rule week potato Friday's. Everybody -- to the next -- a little. Hung over -- and what have we done yap -- -- only gotten when I read that episode I've. If -- is my favorite -- -- -- this is fantastic but I also I was so moved by it because that I have that really sweet moment appear to be upset with with Clara news I have a business and insane thing we can do it upon but. I mean I just like that where sort of exploring. Note that. Them you have to go through so many loopholes safety if you want to adopt a baby or or have one do you know. Not bad that the common means and we learn all about -- -- This work. I was the first -- retail and yeah we can talk about I don't think I'll ever have a tasty delight again. -- really needs to. He also said the deal -- -- at least putting -- this yes yes that was about also ruffled some feathers again but you know we're we're trying to deal with things that that you that real families do it and there's there's always a moment right where did you pick up outward so. And for the record she said five she's perfect so at bay yet she couldn't understand after she watched episode. Why she couldn't hear -- lines like they kept making weird noises over half my alliance says it's just been all good hasn't -- it's been great. -- rate and we we we learn that you're at the Golden Globes this year and right after you're kind of cornered by George Clooney. Normal people you know you're gonna let -- I am doing a play called hate that Dustin Lance Black wrote about it's it's -- -- the transcripts from the propositioning trials. -- and nine -- when he's playing one of the lawyers and it's it's time I'm really excited I mean an appointment early 92 I mean I'm in and out at the -- which o'clock cameo in the head but I'll offer you can't say no you can't -- -- now. Now no way tops before you go we just we want to have to ask -- -- and uncle yes. Absent this -- can -- -- business this week to their hands they've learned all about -- they've called you talked talked to them and to make sure they were all okay yeah sales there they're fine they're very you know back in Albuquerque. My aunt went on a bit of a press junket herself -- That's the key as she loves the camera and she's very colorful talkers and I think that people enjoy talking her what it is so stupid and we're so glad they're -- and data campaign and thank you -- -- -- lot of them -- on Wednesdays at 9 eighths central on ABC.

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{"id":15757190,"title":"Ferguson Discusses 'Modern Family' F-Bomb Episode","duration":"4:27","description":"Jesse Tyler Ferguson chats about show, \"Fascinating People\" honor.","url":"/GMA/video/jesse-tyler-ferguson-discusses-modern-family-bomb-episode-15757190","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}